EU Food Heroes

EU Food Heroes Project

Food Heroes project focuses on innovative food entrepreneurs working on the reduction of food losses in the ‘neglected’ first parts of the food chain. The project aims to reduce food losses and food waste in the first parts of the food chain by developing new solutions for waste reduction and higher value uses. The project methodology will involve a transnational, cross-sectoral and co- creative approach; towards investigating and proposing strategies that will support waste reduction in three main sectors (fish, meat and fruit and vegetables sectors).

The core element of the whole project will involve developing, testing and implementing 15 innovative solutions, involving at least 120 SMEs with innovative technologies and added value solutions in North West Europe.

The University of Lincoln’s involvement focuses on waste prevention in the fruit and vegetable sector. They are delivering a series of workshops designed specifically for the Agri-Food Sector focusing on the initiatives that will support fruit and vegetable waste reduction in the first part of the food supply chain. The University of Lincoln will measure their project results in reducing food waste. The UK county of Lincolnshire houses the largest concentration of companies growing, packing and processing fruit and vegetables.


Project Team

Dr Chris Bishop, Professor Anne Chick, Dr Oluseyi Moses Ajayi, and Richard Turner.


Project Funding

EU Funding: €3.42m.


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