LIBS Field Trips

Field Trip Opportunities for Lincoln International Business School Students

Lincoln International Business School students can expand their horizons and see international business in action by joining funded international trips to exciting overseas destinations.

LIBS Field Trips gives students the opportunity to enhance their global mindset, connect with our global community and partners, and learn from international experts through 100 funded field trip places each academic year.

Places are open to all students enrolled on a programme within Lincoln International Business School. However, each student can only receive funding for one LIBS 100 trip throughout their study, so please make sure that you apply for the ones most relevant to your areas of interest.

During the Trip

Students are expected to play an active role both before and during the trip. This means you may be required to work on projects relating to the trip prior to the travel period.

You will also be expected to evidence engagement with the following trip outcomes:

  • Enhanced understanding of business and tourism practices from an international perspective
  • Consideration of the Sustainable Development Goals and how they have been or could be adopted, drawing on examples considered during the trip
  • Experience of teamwork and interpersonal skills through collaboration and learning with international peers


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Application Process

An application form will need to be completed for each trip, and you can apply for several trips, although you will only be accepted onto one. Places are limited and will be awarded on the strength of each individual application, so please take your time with your application to ensure that you meet all the relevant criteria.

Important Information

LIBS 100 funding covers transfer costs between Lincoln and the trip destination, and accommodation during the trip duration. You will still be required to cover some costs during the trip, such as for food and extra activities.

As part of the trips, photos and videos will be taken of the group. These may be used for promotional purposes on the University website, social media, Open Days or similar. If you do not want to be included in promotional photographs, then please let the trip organisers know in advance.

Previous Trips

Where Can I Go?

Please see below for the trips planned for this academic year. Please note that there are some parts of the trips that are still in development, and all are subject to change, depending on the global environment. Any updates will be sent to your student email address once you have had your place confirmed.

Killarney, Republic of Ireland

December 2022

There’s a reason they call Ireland the ‘Emerald Isle’! Known for its rolling green hills, it’s not surprising that Ireland is prioritising sustainable travel and business practices.

The Republic of Ireland is proud of its natural resources and the innovation of its people, and is making conscious efforts to protect and enhance them through initiatives that encourage sustainability. Located on the edge of Killarney National Park, The Gleneagle Hotel has flourished from modest beginnings into one of Ireland’s most popular visitor destinations. During the trip, you will learn more about how the entrepreneurial spirit which first inspired a young Killarney family to turn their home into a business endures with sustainability and entrepreneurship at its heart.

This trip is organised in collaboration with Gleneagle Hotel and Apartments and will include activities focusing on sustainable business and entrepreneurship. During the trip you will be required to work in groups on a project relating to Decent Work and Economic Growth/Life on Land.

Applications Closed

Essen and Dusseldorf, Germany

December 2022

The cityscape of Essen is dominated by contemporary architecture, but remnants of its industrial past have been lovingly reserved and blended with the modern face of the city, making it an immensely interesting and characterful city to explore. Essen has previously been awarded the titles of European Capital of Culture and European Green Capital, and is home to several large companies. It is also known as the ‘Energy Capital’ of Germany, with the two largest providers having headquarters in the city, following E-ON opening their renewable energy headquarters to the city in 2016.

As part of the trip, you will explore Essen’s Christmas Market, one of the largest in the country. Despite its size and breadth of stall available, Essen remains an under-the-radar Christmas market destination for most international tourists, making it a great choice for visitors looking to get a bit more off the beaten path. You will also work with students from our partner institution, DAA Wirtschaftsakademie.

Applications Closed

Rimini and Bologna, Italy

April 2023

Rimini is the capital of Italian seaside tourism and nightlife – it's one of Italy's most popular beach resorts, meanwhile the historic centre offers history fans a range of Roman relics and buildings dating back from the Middle Ages to explore. You will also have the opportunity to explore Bologna – famous for more than just its sauce! The city of Bologna has a rich history and thus a lot to offer. The city hosts the oldest university of the world, and architecture was amended while the university grew overtime. Several unique buildings and the famous porticos were created to make sure the university could keep growing.

During the trip, you will visit the Rimini Campus of the University of Bologna, one of the oldest universities in the Western world, and meet some of their students from Italy and further afield to learn about tourism and business practices.

Applications Closed

Ljubljana, Slovenia

April 2023

Ljubljana – the capital of Slovenia - is the winner of the European Best Destination 2022, and once you visit you’ll understand why!

Slovenia has a rich history and culture to be explored, located in the centre of Europe, it is known as the ‘green heart’ of Europe. The capital has also previously been crowned with title of Green Capital of 2016 and is known for its vibrant city life and culinary richness, with the magnificent Ljubljana castle in the centre representing the rich history and culture of the city. This trip is organised in collaboration with GEA College, one of our Study Abroad partners with a focus on entrepreneurship and practical learning. During the trip, you will work with students from GEA in a variety of workshops focussed on sustainable business, innovation, and entrepreneurship. You will also visit local businesses to see their methods in practice, and of course have time to explore Ljubljana and experience Slovenian food and culture.

Applications Closed

London, United Kingdom

June 2023

Applications Closed

Terms and Conditions

Please keep an eye on your Global Lounge and the LIBS Global Experiences social media channels for further news and opportunties for travel.

*application deadlines may be subject to change. Please keep checking this page for the latest information.

Limited number of places per trip. Places are by application only. One funded trip per student during their period of study. Students must be up-to-date with all assessments, and have an attendance record of 80% or more to be eligible to apply for a funded place*. Students must have a valid passport and visa. Advice will be offered to any international students applying.

Please note - although LIBS 100 provides students with the opportunity to undertake funded field trip places, students are required to have adequate funding for additional costs such as food and activities throughout the duration of their trip.

**If you do not meet these requirements but believe that you have a valid exemption, please contact to discuss if you would be eligible to apply.

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