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Developing a Managerial Mindset

Develop your management skills with six workshops, and an additional company insight, which aims to develop your fundamental management skills and confidence, and nurtures future leaders in full-day workshops taught on site at the University of Lincoln’s Brayford campus.

At Lincoln International Business School we are committed to supporting businesses of all sizes and sectors in the development of the key skills required to lead and manage others effectively. This programme is designed for people wishing to become more confident and skilled in managing others, and become better leaders either now or in the future and combines workshops, personal reflection and company insight to develop skills, confidence and professional networks.

Key Benefits

Businesses and individuals can realise the following potential benefits to them and their organisation:

  • Succession: Plan for your future growth with skilled and confident managers
  • Career: Prepare for the next step in your career as a manager
  • Competence: Develop your professional managerial skills
  • Confidence: Train to become a competent manager with the confidence to lead other’s effectively
  • Recruitment and Retention: Learn how to attract and nurture effective leaders and create a culture of effective leadership from the ground up

Who Should Attend?

Anyone wishing to develop their fundamental management skills; learners range from recent graduates and first line managers, to middle managers.


The six workshops give delegates the opportunity to understand management tools and have the chance to try new ideas and ways of working in a safe environment with the support of an expert tutor and the support of your co-learners from a range of companies in the region. The time between workshops gives you the chance to try those new ideas out in the workplace, and reflect on your successes, and share your challenges next time. 

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Develop your fundamental management skills and confidence, and nurture your future leaders.

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Learner Stories

Find out why Dr. Ephrem Malela-Massamba, Senior Product Engineer at Dynex Semiconductor embarked on the University of Lincoln’s “Developing a Managerial Mindset” 9-month programme earlier this year and what he’s found most useful so far.

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Find out why Samantha Sargent, Group Finance Manager for Robert Woodhead Ltd (Woodhead Group) embarked on the University of Lincoln’s “Developing a Managerial Mindset” 9-month programme earlier this year and what she’s found most useful so far.

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Programme Structure

Workshop 1 A Managerial Mindset and You 23 Feb 2022
Workshop 2 Developing Your Management Style 24 Mar 2022 
Workshop 3 Effective Communication and Influencing Skills  20 Apr 2022 
Workshop 4 Valuing and Developing Your Team 19 May 2022 
Company Insight Company Insight 7 June 2022
Workshop 5 Managing in a Business Context 13 Jun 2022 
Workshop 6  Managing Your Team Through Change 19 Jul 2022 


Company Insights

There is an additional company insight as well as the six workshops. This gives delegates an insight into how some local organisations lead and manage their people giving you the chance to take away a few ideas back to your own business and a behind the scenes look into the regions’ successful organisations.

Bespoke Programmes

This programme can be adapted to suit individual organisational needs should you have a larger number of people you wish to train. We can add extra content, workshops or webinars, or embed a business improvement project to the process so that organisations realise an instant return on investment, showing how the learning has been demonstrated by the individual during and following the programme. 


This is a non-credit bearing short course with the option to undertake a Chartered Management Institute (CMI) qualification alongside the workshop programme, through distance learning - so no extra time needed away from the business. 

“I am at the start of my management career and this has been a great course to support me in becoming the manager I want to be. The support network from the other participants in invaluable and hearing their experiences has helped and supported me in my role and will continue to do so going forward.

Jessica Skill, University of Lincoln Students’ Union

This course has better placed me to effectively manage a small team… I believe that the benefits of this will become apparent as I grow into my team leader role.”

Luke Holmes, SRC (UK)

Since starting this course, I have moved to a new role in which I am now managing a team of my own. Being on this course gave me the confidence to apply for this position having had no/little management experience previously. It has also helped me settle into the new role as I feel more comfortable as a manager.

Holly Band, University of Lincoln