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We encourage applications from students who have completed USB-ED’s Senior Management Development Programme (SMDP).  Along with work experience, the SMDP is recognised by the University of Lincoln as being equivalent to 240 credits.

Students may register with the University of Lincoln for the outstanding 120 credits (total 360 credits).

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Our BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management is designed to provide a distinct academic and practical route into the specialist area of human resource management. Students can apply and develop their knowledge and skills as HR practitioners while exploring HRM from a strategic perspective.

This work-based distance learning programme is designed to provide an opportunity for academic recognition to those who are already employed within the discipline of human resource management, or one of its specialist areas, but who have yet to gain academic and professional recognition of their skills and experience.

The programme will seek to develop student’s professional competence and enable them to enhance and embellish specific knowledge, skills and abilities relating to their chosen speciality.

The BSc (Hons) Human Resource Management is informed by the latest CIPD intermediate level professional standards. In order to achieve professional standing in the HR field great importance must be placed upon professional skills development and the application of knowledge into a distinct range of practical situations. As a result, the teaching team will take as its underpinning delivery strategy the ‘student as producer’ concept, and will actively encourage and expect students to develop their own approaches to assessment tasks through the application of theoretical concepts to their own working environment.

How You Study

This flexible learning programme can be tailored to individual needs and circumstances and provides an academically rigorous learning environment within which students have the opportunity to extend skills, expertise, knowledge, vision and personal/career development by:

  • engaging in independent learning, reflective debate and practice, supported throughout by a module tutor and a range of resources
  • focusing on theoretical aspects of business and management, offering the opportunity to apply theories and concepts to the 
    workplace, developing knowledge in addition to a range of skills and abilities
  • gaining an understanding of the dynamic nature of modern organisations and the environment within which they operate by applying module content to management situations within the workplace in increasingly integrated and systematic ways

The programme presents a framework within which students may engage in personal and professional development by integrating the acquisition of knowledge, skills and experience, whilst simultaneously contributing to organisational effectiveness. This programme is designed to be flexible and dynamic enough to reflect and absorb change and encourage the development of a range of skills and knowledge that may be needed to rise to the challenges of the contemporary workplace.

The programme presents a distance-learning framework to enable individuals to complete the programme within a two year period - the duration reflects personal circumstances, accredited experience, prior learning and work commitments.


Critical Enquiry Skills (Core)

This module aims to equip students with appropriate knowledge and skills to enable them to engage critically with their studies, and the Independent Research Project in particular.

Developing Human Resource Professional Practice (Core)

This module provides an opportunity for students to develop and demonstrate a sound understanding of the knowledge, skills, and behaviours required by Human Resources professionals, whether in a generalist or specialist role, and as described in the CIPD HR Profession Map (HRPM).

Dissertation (HRM) (Core)

This module provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their capacity to work independently on a major project and to utilise and build on skills and subject expertise developed on other modules of their degree programme. Students can work with their tutor to research, develop, and present their study for assessment.

HRM and the Management of Change (Core)

The aim of this module is to enable students to develop their workplace skills in the management of change, allowing students to investigate their own or a relevant organisation in relation to change management from a number of theoretical perspectives.

Human Resource Management within the Organisational Context (Core)

Human Resources professionals need to understand key developments in the business and external contexts within which HR operates. This module is designed to enable students to identify and review the business and external contextual factors affecting organisations and to assess the impacts of these factors on the HR function in their organisation. The module also examines HR’s role in strategy formulation and implementation and in ensuring that the appropriate mechanisms are in place to promote and support the concept of ‘high performance working practices’.

Integrating Professional Human Resource Experience (Core)

This module is designed to develop students' ability to reflect critically on their professional practice and experiences within a HR environment or workplace. The module utilises the skills developed in earlier modules where students are encouraged to develop reflective skills focused on the student’s individual approach to distance learning.

† Some courses may offer optional modules. The availability of optional modules may vary from year to year and will be subject to minimum student numbers being achieved. This means that the availability of specific optional modules cannot be guaranteed. Optional module selection may also be affected by staff availability.


The elective module affords students the opportunity to tailor their programme to their interests and choose a specific management function to study as their penultimate module, with elective modules  exploring areas of personal and professional development, occupational health, managing project, strategy and supply chain. All electives include an assessment of a 3000 word portfolio. The following elective modules are available:

  • Strategic Innovation and Opportunity Creation
  • Managing Projects
  • Managing Operations
  • Health and Safety Management
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Managing Distribution Logistics
  • Managing Humanitarian Logistics

The programmes centres around work-based learning, which is not just about the development of knowledge and a set of technical skills, but reflection and learning from experience.

Application to context and evidence of application is central to the learning process as learning is seen as arising from action and problem solving within a work environment, centred around live projects and challenges to individuals and organisations.

Assignment briefs will detail the intended learning outcomes and requirements relating to assessment. The work-based focus of any project or assignment will involve negotiation and agreement between the student and the module tutor.

What We Look For In Your Application

Work-based Distance Learning students need to be in employment and have some management responsibilities, this can be management of people or resources. You will need to have completed a Senior Management Development Programme at USB:ED within the last 5 years in order to be eligible.

Entry Requirements

Each programme is designed to meet the needs of students in any organisation who want to upgrade their operations skills and progress their qualifications to degree level. To qualify for direct entry we request the completion of a Senior Management Development Programme at USB:ED within the last 5 years, and on-going employment in a relevant field to the course subject area in order to qualify.

Application Deadlines and Programme Start Dates

Application DeadlineEnrolment DateOnline Induction W/C
10 January 2022 31 January 2022 7 February 2022
18 April 2022 9 May 2022 16 May 2022
26 September 2022 17 October 2022 24 October 2022

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