Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship (CMDA)

The Chartered Manager Degree is a new 'Trailblazer' apprenticeship scheme created by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), the Chartered Association of Business Schools (CABS) and higher education providers. Funded by the Government and your employer, this apprenticeship combines work-based learning and business education, which upon successful completion, leads to a degree and professional recognition through the award of Chartered Manager status. This apprenticeship has been designed to provide access to development opportunities for a wide a range of individuals. This includes members of existing work forces and individuals at the start of their career who wish to become professional managers and achieve Chartered Manager status. It is applicable to professional managers from all sectors – the private, public or third sector – and all sizes of organisation.

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The apprenticeship is first and foremost a job with substantial training and the opportunity to develop a range of transferable skills. This is designed to enable your workforce to grow organically whilst combining university study and workplace learning to enable apprentices to gain a full bachelor’s degree.

The programme offers professional recognition by the CMI through the award of Chartered Manager status, and is designed to ensure that apprentices are equipped with the skills employers need to boost their employment prospects as well as impact the organisation positively.

  • Apprentices can develop the skills and knowledge that is directly relevant to your business.
  • Provides the opportunity to 'grow your own' staff, instilling your business culture and working style.
  • Development of in-house talent and retention of existing staff.
  • Individually negotiated projects and assignments designed to benefit your department or organisation.
  • Strengthened links and potential for collaborative work with the University.
  • The opportunity to develop the power of critical enquiry, logical thought and independent judgement and the chance apply these to decision-making processes within management environments.
  • Develop an awareness of the principles of responsible management and leadership.
  • Develop the knowledge and skills to enhance effectiveness as managers and leaders.
  • Enable apprentices to reflect on and learn from their own professional experience.
  • Integrate new knowledge with experience and apply it to management situations.
  • Develop recognition of the need for lifelong learning, continued professional development.
  • Flexible delivery for those who are seeking to develop their career by combining academic study with their existing employment. 

How You Study

The Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship is centred on work-based learning, with modules delivered through a flexible blended-learning approach, primarily online but with opportunities for face-to-face workshops. The apprenticeship is underpinned by the BA (Hons) Professional Practice in Leadership & Management.

The programme aims to develop apprentices' professional skills and knowledge within a work-based context, while equipping them with an awareness of the principles of responsible management and leadership. Apprentices have the opportunity to develop the knowledge and skills to enhance their effectiveness as managers and leaders. Work-based-learning aims to encourage the application of theory to work practice. It can involve, for example, thinking critically about changes in the workplace, and being supported in undertaking and reporting on a work-based project that may meet a specific challenge within their organisation.

The CMDA has a duration of 3.5-4 years.

How You Are Assesed

Students taking the CMDA will need to comply with the national requirements for degree apprenticeship standards including the end point assessment (EPA) to achieve their degree apprenticeship. The EPA consists of a portfolio of evidence mapped to the CMDA standard, a work-based project, presentation on the project, and an interview, all independently assessed. Modules on the underpinning BA (Hons) Professional Practice in Leadership and Management are mapped to the CMDA standard.

Career Opportunities

The Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship is designed for as wide a range of individuals as possible, and to be suitable for those who are, or wish to become, professional managers. This includes individuals who are at the start of their career that wish to become professional managers and achieve Chartered Manager status, as well as those aspiring or existing managers who may already have developed practical experience but who wish to develop their theoretical understanding of management skills further and build further related skills.

How to Apply

For more information on how to apply please contact us.

Fees and Funding 


Businesses in the UK are now required to pay HMRC the apprenticeship levy on a monthly basis through the PAYE system. There is an opportunity for all UK businesses regardless of whether you are a levy-paying employer or not, to benefit from government funding for apprenticeship training. More information on how Apprenticeship funding works can be found here on the Government website. The Apprentice is not responsible for paying any fees associated with an apprenticeship. Fees are paid from the apprenticeship levy which an employer pays into. A non-levy paying employer will be able to co-invest, with the government paying 95% of the fee and the employer contributing 5%.

Levy-Paying Employer:

- From April 2017 the government levy imposed a 0.5% levy on businesses payroll.

- Employers with a payroll in excess of £3m will be affected.

- For every £1 paid in the government will top up by 10%.

Apprentice Levy Calculator:

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Our Fees:

Level  Duration  Programme Band   Charge
6  Typically 3.5-4 years  Chartered Manager Degree Apprenticeship - underpinned by BA (Hons) 15  £22,000*

*Course fee may vary, for further information please contact us.

Application Deadline Start Date
5th February 2024 4th March 2024
23rd September 2024 21st October 2024
10th February 2025 10th March 2025

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