LIBS Bitesize

LIBS Bitesize

LIBS Bitesize is your opportunity to hear our academics discussing a contemporary issue affecting

the world of business, and to give you an insight into the challenges that we're equipping our graduates to face when they enter the world of work, regardless of the sector they are in.

Join us on YouTube every Wednesday at 1pm to meet our academics and discover how we are looking at, and facing the challenges of, a rapidly changing world of business.

What's happened to Bitcoin

Would you put your money in a virtual world - a brief discussion of this virtual asset.


Presented by James Rylatt | Senior Lecturer, Department of Accountancy, Finance and Economics | Lincoln International Business School.

The Road to Recovery: Tourism During and After Covid-19

The road to recovery: Tourism during and after Covid-19 session explores key debates framing the recovery of the tourism industry from the Covid-19 crisis. Tourism has been severely impacted by Covid-19, but its recovery is likely to be equally dramatic. After decades of growth, the pandemic severely disrupted international and domestic travel and tourism. However, tourism has demonstrated resilience in many destinations around the globe. Most of Asia was quick to establish clear protocols and maintain a steady flow of domestic tourism. In China, the ‘revenge tourism consumption’ phenomenon is dominating the news with domestic tourism reaching unexpected hights for a pandemic year. As we move out of the Covid-19 era, this will be the case in the UK and Europe as well. Academics and industry experts argue tourism needs to reinvent itself into a more sustainable version of itself, where over-tourism is managed better, de-growth is considered as a relevant option, and destinations adopt a more creative and responsible approach to tourism development.


Presented by Dr Claudia Sima | Senior Lecturer in Tourism and Event Management | Lincoln International Business School.

Business Model Innovation

Innovating the business in challenging times.


Presented by Dr Francesca Dal Mas | Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Enterprise | Lincoln International Business School.

Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund

Learn about the opportunties presented by taking part in theLincoln Student Managed Investment Fund. Get real life investment related work expereince whilst you study! No need to take a year out.


Presented by Mrs Siobhan Goggin | Head of Department, Accountancy Finance and Economics | Lincoln International Business School. and James Stenson | Lincoln Student Managed Investment Fund Chief Executive Officer & MFin/Bsc Banking and Finance Student

Advertising through the Covid-19 Pandemic

Advertising is an important marketing tool for communicating and engaging consumers emotionally (as well as rationally) in your brand. Research suggests that brands who talk consistently to their consumers are more successful. So why did so many brands either change their advertising, or stop advertising, during the lockdown periods? We will explore different brand’s approaches and discuss what we think worked and why.


Presented by Mrs Tracy Millar | Senior Lecturer and Programme Leader BA (Hons) Advertising & Marketing | Lincoln International Business School.


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