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Marketing and Supply Chain Research Group

The Marketing and Supply Chain Research Group (MaSC) exists to develop knowledge which supports sustainable value for market, chain and network stakeholders.

Marketing and Supply Chain Group


What Are We Doing?

We are concerned with the development of knowledge which supports value creation for market, chain and network stakeholders. Our research concerns value chains (supplier, customer and consumer) and the building of social and resource sustainability within a network context.

Why Is It Important?

We link up with organisations and expertise globally, regionally and locally. We aim to publish in leading and influential academic and business and media outlets and fora. We provide the platform and host debate via influential thematic and sectoral conferences, and produce impact from our research through business creation and positive social impact.

How Are We Different?

Our approach is concerns marketing, business and operations and is multi-sectoral (for example, via key strengths in agri-food, tourism, healthcare, military and humanitarian arenas). We promote interdisciplinary, sectoral, organisational and value chain learning between large, small and micro businesses.


Academic Staff

Prof Martin Hingley, Professor of Strategic Marketing

Dr Eliseo Vilalta-Perdomo, Senior Lecturer

Mr Artem Khudenko, Senior Lecturer 

Mr Mizanur Rahman, Senior Lecturer 

Dr Ilenia Bregoli, Senior Lecturer 

Dr Claire May, Senior Lecturer

Nick Taylor, Subject Group Leader

Dr Jialin Hardwick, Senior Lecturer

Dr Jane Deville, Research Fellow

Dr Susel Arzuaga Palomino, Senior Lecturer

Dr Abi Hunt, Head of Department (Marketing and Tourism)

Dr Julie Donald, Senior Lecturer

Research Students

Mr Mark Swainson, Deputy Head and Lead for Higher Education and Research and PhD Student

Mr Tony Clark, Senior Lecturer

Mrs Rosario Michel-Villarreal, Associate Lecturer

Mureadili Muhetaer, PhD Student