Postgraduate Research


The Lincoln School of Creative Arts is host to a rapidly growing culture of postgraduate research across the disciplines of drama, the performing arts, fine art, music, and musical theatre. By joining our researchers, you join a team of specialists in areas as diverse as intercultural and applied practices in theatre and music; contemporary British playwrights; digital and intermedial practices; contemporary theatre-making in the UK and Europe; theatre and video games; music analysis, composition and curation; musical theatre; ethnomusicology; community-building and cultural sustainability; scenography; Shakespeare in performance; live and performance art; sound art; sexuality and gender studies; and radical activism in art and theatre.

We support interdisciplinary research, drawing on expertise from the School’s various disciplines and beyond. In the case of research projects which overlap with expertise from beyond the School, we are able to draw on the rich variety of research from across the University in other humanities areas, the sciences, technology, social sciences and beyond, to create a supervisory team that works for you. Expertise in a range of methodologies, including practice-as-research, semiotic and textual analysis, archival research, ethnography, and historiography critically underpins the supervision we provide to our students.

As a postgraduate research student at Lincoln, you become part of the thriving research culture of the School, College and University, with opportunities to take part in events including our regular Critical Encounters series, Arts Talks, the Music Conference, Tower Talks and more. The University of Lincoln’s Doctoral School provides a range of training and professional development workshops throughout the year, and hosts an annual Postgraduate Research Showcase that provides opportunities to disseminate your research and connect with researchers from across the Humanities.  

If you would like to find out more about postgraduate research in the Lincoln School of Creative Arts, please get in touch with Dr Jacqueline Bolton.

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Postgraduate Study

The Lincoln School of Creative Arts offers a thriving creative community in which to advance your studies to postgraduate level.