Drama and Theatre Research


Drama and Theatre research at the University of Lincoln encompasses a broad range of approaches and methodologies, focussing on key areas of research expertise. Text-based and archival research emphasises the development of contemporary playwriting and theatre-making in the UK and Europe; ethnographic and applied approaches engage with intercultural performance in a number of sites around the world; and practice-based approaches develop structures of knowledge through performance practices intersecting with political, experimental, and dramaturgical themes.

As well as its synergies with other disciplinary areas in our school, such as Music, Dance, Fine Art and Technical Theatre, our core focus in Drama and Theatre also intersects more broadly with the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities and wider University research areas, enabling significant explorations into collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, and communities. Recent outputs from colleagues in the school have included monographs, edited collections, journal articles, guest-edited special issues, book chapters, reports, performances, playtexts, and installations. Research work has impacted on local, regional, national and international constituencies, contributing to developments in other sectors such as education, healthcare, immigration, justice, and the armed forces.

Research colleagues within the school are active participants in national and international research networks; peer reviewing for international journals and publishers; holding editorial positions with journals and book series; and contributing to national and international conversations across their disciplines.