Research in Critical Education Studies (RiCES)

What are we doing?

Our work explores the relationship between knowledge, education and social power. We have special interests in two areas: the relationship between social forces and educational thinking, practice and institutions; and the development of critical and co-operative forms of education for democratic societies. Our researchers examine these themes in studies of alternative, co-operative and popular education; critical pedagogy; curriculum; discourse; educational policy and policy affecting education; educational reform; knowledge and ideology; labour; the organisation and political economy of education; social movements; and technology. 

Why is it important?

Education is a key site of cultural, economic and political power, with the capacity to reinforce social inequalities and injustices or to challenge and overcome them. It is both consequential in the lives of individuals and communities and a key site of domination and resistance in global political economy. Understanding the politics of education critically is thus vital for students, educators, communities and publics.

How are we different?

RiCES researchers are members of an international community of scholars, educators and activists working to advance understandings of the politics of education in society, and to transform educational thinking and practice in the interests of social justice. In addition to producing academic theory and research, we co-operate with educators, educational leaders and educational activists to design research-based approaches to strengthening praxis.


Academic Staff


Dr Joss Winn

Senior Lecturer 

Dr Helen Childerhouse

Mr Daniel Bishop

Senior Lecturer in Education

Principal Lecturer - Sport and Exercise Science


Associate Members


Ms. Laura Stratford


Dr. Janet Jones

Prof. Richard Hall


Graduate Student Members 


Ms. Hadiza Abdulrahman

Ms. Jane Trowell  

Ms. Kathleen Taylor

Research Projects:

'The Ethics and Politics of Possibility: Principles and Practices of Prefigurative Knowledge and Research'
Funded by the Independent Social Research Foundation (2016) 
Dr. Sarah Amsler

'Co-operative Leadership in Higher Education’ (2016–17)'
Funded by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education (2016–17) 
Prof. Mike Neary and Dr. Joss Winn

'Practices of Possibility in Neoliberal Social Systems'
Funded by the Independent Social Research Foundation (2015–16)
Dr. Sarah Amsler

'Beyond Public and Private: A Model for Co-operative Higher Education'
Funded by the Independent Social Research Foundation (2015–16)
Dr. Joss Winn and Prof. Mike Neary



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