Research Practice

Whose Knowledge Do You Deem as Valuable?

At Lincoln, we are calling for the re-imagining of different ways of knowledge inquiry and production. To emphasise consulting, shared responsibility and making research inquiry representative of different cultures, languages, identities, regions, and histories.

Contemporary theories and research processes are heavily reliant on Western (influenced) principles and philosophical lenses. Decolonising research emphasise that research theories, methods, and philosophies need to be deconstructed and re-imagined towards developing and promoting inclusive knowledge, cultural diversity, and alternative practices.

Collaboration enables the development of a partnership process with communities in the decision-making process, including designing, planning, conducting, monitoring, and evaluating the research process and outcomes. Informing is the first step to legitimate participation in the research. However, the process must provide a two-way flow of information that generates feedback.

Reflecting on Research Practice

Dr Paul Igwe sits on the Decolonising at Lincoln Committee, overseeing research practice. Paul is also the Lincoln International Business School College Lead for the project and a Senior Lecturer in Strategy and Enterprise.

YouTube video for Reflecting on Research Practice

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