Decolonising at Lincoln

Upholding Our One Community Values

As a university, we are committed to upholding and recognising the five principles of our One Community Values: equality, understanding, listening, kindness, acceptance. The institution-wide project of decolonisation at Lincoln flows from and embeds this commitment.

We hope that these pages help you to understand not only the basics of what decolonialisation means, but also helps you to find resources to ensure that we can start breaking down some of the myths around decolonising to enrich and add to our current systems of knowledge here at Lincoln.

Why Decolonise?

What are the benefits? What do we gain?

Decolonising our university means working together to reimagine our scholarship, interpersonal relations, teaching, learning, and professional practices by actively including previously marginalised knowledge and ways of knowing.

YouTube video for Why Decolonise?

Explore the sections below to find out more about how we are approaching decolonisation across the University, from our research practice and taught curriculum, through to academic procedures and the University's working culture. You can also find out more about how our staff and students are getting involved, and what our library is doing to support the project.

Contact Us

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