Academic Procedures and Infrastructural Process

What We Are Doing

The Lincoln Academy of Learning and Teaching (LALT) is championing the work of decolonisation through project work and staff development. From Higher Education Academy Recognition (HEA) and programme delivery through to student engagement opportunities, decolonisation is an integral part of reimagining our support for teaching and learning activities, including being part of the academic staff induction programme.

We have begun work looking into academic infrastructure such as module, programme, and school handbooks through to staff recognition and supporting pedagogic literature.

We will be incorporating decolonisation work into our Higher Education Academy recognition awards, having included decolonisation and active examples within the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) to reinforce our commitment. This will be continued as we move towards the framework.

Developing Academic Procedures

Dave Prichard is Assistant Director of the Lincoln Academy of Learning and Teaching and sits on the Decolonising at Lincoln project. His role is developing the Academic Procedures and Infrastructural Process across the University of Lincoln.

YouTube video for Developing Academic Procedures

The University of Lincoln is committed to decolonising its quality processes and will be working with colleagues to develop resources and approaches to support the project. We have already established a working group of staff to facilitate this process, this will include validation and revalidation of modules and programmes as well as developing new modules and programmes along with school handbooks to drive positive curriculum change.

The Lincoln Academy of Learning and Teaching, College Directors of Education, and School Directors of Teaching and Learning will work to embed staff and student collaboration into existing opportunities with the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Scheme (UROS) and College Teaching Innovation Funding to support decolonisation work.

We are also sharing practice through University-wide events including the annual Programme Leader Symposium and Teaching and Learning Conference.

Inclusive Education Resource Hub

As part of Decolonising at Lincoln, Dr Hanya Pielchaty, Associate Professor and Director of Student Inclusion at the Eleanor Glanville Institute, has created an Inclusive Education Resource Hub. This wealth of information sits within the Lincoln Academy of Learning and Teaching.

Inclusive Education Resource Hub
YouTube video for Inclusive Education Resource Hub

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