Student Charter

Our Student Charter sets out the general principles of a partnership between students, the University of Lincoln, and the Students’ Union.

This includes the University’s commitment to delivering a high-quality learning experience to all of our students. It is a statement of mutual expectations and aspirations, setting out our respective responsibilities and what we can expect of each other. Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate student, home or international, we welcome, listen to, and respond to your views and opinions.

In turn, the Charter captures your contribution to your own university experience and journey through Higher Education.

Jointly created by the University and the Students’ Union, the Charter is reviewed every year to reflect the developments and changes of the University. We hope that this is a valuable document for referral at all stages of your university education.

This Charter sets out how the University of Lincoln is committed to delivering a high-quality student experience that not only meets, but hopefully exceeds your expectations, enabling you to realise your hopes, aspirations, and ambitions.

Our Community Ethos

We actively work to create a community where, whoever you are, and wherever you come from, you are part of our University. Founded on the values of our One Community, the Charter reflects who we are and helps us to ensure that in everything we do, we always have our students’ best interests at heart.

Through our One Community, we work together to support both the University’s and the Students’ Union’s strategic plans. This includes creating a net-zero university, with sustainability reflected both in our campus and culture.

The Students’ Union is extremely proud to form part of the Student Charter. Our commitment will always be to make sure that the student experience in Lincoln is the best it can be. We build communities for students to be a part of, and offer professional support and advice when students need it. Through our team of elected student officers, we pledge to listen to students on the issues that matter to them most, and take action on their behalf.

Objectives and Responsibilities

As part of the Charter, the University, our students, and the Students' Union have made a number of commitments, which are detailed below. 

The University Will
  • Provide students with an excellent learning experience through investment in high-quality digital and learning resources, and by prioritising a supportive and inclusive teaching environment.
  • Provide a Higher Education curriculum which meets the needs of our students, with our commitment to decoloniality and Student as Producer embedded within the learning experience.
  • Maintain high academic standards through fair and challenging assessments, which are inclusive and accessible to all.
  • Provide a welcoming and equitable environment that celebrates the diverse ideas, cultures, beliefs, perspectives, and global awareness of all students in the university, supported by our International College.
  • Respect the rights of individuals to hold different views and to express them through appropriate discussion and academic debate.
  • Offer activities and support services outside of the curriculum for students to enhance their employability prospects and personal and professional development, which includes the Lincoln Award, Skills Log, and Student Enterprise.
  • Provide services which are focused on the needs of our students to support your personal, emotional, physical, sexual, and psychological wellbeing.
  • Provide support and guidance necessary to enable all students to transition into studying at Lincoln and integrate into our academic community and practices, which includes Learning Skills
  • Work in partnership with the Students’ Union and Student Representatives to ensure that all student voices are considered in every aspect of teaching, learning and decision making.
  • Provide open and honest communication with all students on course information, services available, and the wider university experience.
  • Advance our knowledge and understanding through research-informed teaching and scholarly activity, which also contributes to the global research community and enhances the reputation of the University.
Students Will
  • Take responsibility for our own learning and development by actively engaging in all scheduled learning and using the learning resources and facilities available to us
  • Complete all assessment activities by the agreed deadline and in line with the current management of assessment policy.
  • Engage in wider university activities and opportunities to support our personal development and employability skills.
  • Provide feedback on our university experience through Student Representation and be active co-producers in creating a positive and productive learning environment.
  • Uphold the highest standards of academic integrity, and treat all members of staff and fellow students equally with dignity and respect.
  • Challenge inequalities and inappropriate behaviour by upholding the respect owed to fellow students and all staff within our One Community.
  • Take responsibility for our personal wellbeing by utilising the support and advice available to us – ensuring we inform the university of any barriers to equality of opportunity such as disability or exceptional circumstance which may require reasonable adjustment.
  • Respect the physical environment of the university campuses and treat our neighbours and wider local community with respect.
The Students’ Union Will
  • Advocate for and represent the student voice at Lincoln to ensure that students are at the heart of decisions made across the University and Students’ Union.
  • Work in partnership with the University to ensure that your student voices are considered in all aspects of teaching and learning.
  • Actively support and encourage student participation in the Students’ Union representation system, through the election/appointment, development, and training of representatives.
  • Be a Students’ Union its members can turn to for independent and impartial advice and support with academic, financial, and housing related issues, whilst working closely with Student Services to holistically support students.
  • Deliver a variety of high-quality extra-curricular activities including sports clubs, societies, events, and opportunities to develop employability and transferable skills.
  • Provide inclusive and enriching social opportunities, as well as physical and digital spaces, to support students in building a sense of belonging, finding friends, and growing in confidence.
  • Develop and work alongside the University to ensure academic societies are sustainable and enrich the learning experience for students.
  • Strive to ensure that the University is a safe and inclusive place, both on campus and online, for all students regardless of gender, sexuality, race, nationality, age, religion, disability, or socio-economic background.

How will we communicate with you?

We want to keep you up to date on all the support, events, benefits, and other useful information that you can make use of to create the best university experience. Keep an eye out for these key channels:

  • Emails will be sent to you from Internal Communications, the Students’ Union, and other routes from within the University
  • Blackboard will be used to update you on anything related to your course and studies
  • Social Media: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube for news, and updates on events and activities happening around the University

The Students' Union

The Students’ Union is a democratically run, charity organisation who empower students to fulfil their potential through a community that innovatively represents, supports, and creates opportunities. An elected team of full and part-time student representatives work alongside a professional staff team to deliver opportunities, events, and initiatives to improve student experience. At all levels of decision-making within the Students’ Union, there is a mechanism for the student voice to be heard.

Find out more

Lincoln for Life

When you graduate, you become part of our global alumni community. We are committed to providing you with a wide range of support and benefits, even once you have graduated. We recognise that the value of your award depends on the reputation and esteem of the University, so we will continue to strive to be a reputable and respected institution. 

Guidance and Information

Student Support and Wellbeing

The University offers a host of support services from mental health and expert advice in money matters, to guidance in academic writing and preparing for your first graduate job interview. Our Student Support Centre brings many of these services together, providing a central point of contact that can link you with the appropriate team.

More information is available on our dedicated Support at Lincoln page, or the team can be contacted using the telephone number: +44 (0)1522 837080.

Equality of Opportunity

As an institution, equality of opportunity in higher education locally, regionally, and nationally, is a key part of who we are. By supporting underrepresented groups in accessing and being successful in higher education, we are ensuring that we encourage excellence from all walks of life, strengthening our diverse One Community. Read more on our Equality of Opportunity page.

Regulations and Policies

Information on the University Regulations and Policies, including the Student Complaints Procedure, Personal Tutor Policy, Extenuating Circumstances etc. can be found on our University Policies page.

International Students

Information on the support available to International Students, including how to apply, virtual events, accommodation, and live chats with current students can be found on the International Students page.

International College

Located on our beautiful Brayford Pool Campus, our International College provides a range of degree preparation programmes to help students from outside of the UK to prepare for, and qualify for entry to, the University of Lincoln.

Information on the degree preparation programmes available to students from outside the UK can be found by visiting the International College page. 

Careers and Employability

Information on the support provided by the Careers and Employability team can be found on the dedicated Careers and Employability pages.

Libraries and Learning Skills

Information on the support provided by the Libraries and Learning Skills team can be found on the Libraries and Learning Skills page.