Lincoln School of Architecture and the Built Environment Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Mr Adam Griffiths Associate Lecturer
Dr Amira Elnokaly Associate Professor
Zero Energy Design; Renewable Energy; Disruptive Technologies; Sustainable and Environmental Design; Cultural Heritage; Social and Cultural Sustainability; Eco-cities, Urban form and Urban Regeneration; BIM and Integrated Project Delivery; Passive and Low Energy Building Design; Inclusive Design; Biomimicry and Biophilic Design; Methodologies and Design Tools to assess impact of Design and Construction
Mrs Autumn Danks Associate Lecturer
Dr Begum Ulusoy Senior Lecturer in Research Process (Spatial Design)
Interior Architecture, Colour/ Material Perception, Interior Experience, CMF (Colour-Material-Finishes) Properties, Semantics, Research methods, Interior experience,
Mr Chris Bowen Associate Lecturer
Construction, Conservation, Sustainability
Mr Damien Hodgson Senior Lecturer in Architecture (Studio)
Dr Debbie Whelan Deputy Head of School / Associate Professor
History and Theory of architecture, anthropology, interdisciplinary work between architecture, history and anthropology
Mrs Doina Carter Senior Lecturer
Architectural theory, Architectural pedagogy, Image production and consumption in architecture, The image in architectural pedagogy
Mrs Domaria Wilkinson Associate Lecturer
Mr Edward Farrell Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Professional Practice and Management, Project Management, Conservation architecture
Ms Emma Belli Associate Lecturer
Ms Emma Donovan Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Scenography, Architectural Design.
Ms Emma Osbourn Associate Lecturer
Mr Giuseppe Belli Associate Lecturer
Mr Gnanaratne Paranagamage Associate Lecturer
Mrs Hayley Young Associate Lecturer
Mrs Holly Furness Associate Lecturer
Prof Hugh Byrd Professor of Architecture and Interim Director of Research
Architectural design, passive and zero-energy building design, sustainability, the impact of climate change on the built environment, renewable energy, urban form, disruptive technologies.
Mr Ian Lester Associate Lecturer
Mr Jason Wiggin Senior Lecturer
Mr Jerome Tsui Associate Lecturer
Dr Jill Zhao Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
I'm happy to supervise PhD students in the following subjects: Sustainable built environment, Comfort and wellbeing, Construction technology, Historical environmental design, Sustainable design, Low carbon architecture, Post occupancy evaluation, Thermal comfort, Environmental psychology, Science and technology studies, Retrofit and adaptive reuse, Interdisciplinary research.
Mr John Whelan Associate Lecturer
Mr Jonathan Capek Associate Lecturer
Conservation of historic buildings Design of buildings in historic settings
Dr Karolina Szynalska Senior Lecturer
spaces for learning, architecture and psychology, design for wellbeing, Experience Sampling Method in build environment, Sam Scorer
Mr Liam Swaby Associate Lecturer
Circular design, Urban ecology, Material lifecycles, Architect as developer
Ms Lorna Cameron Associate Lecturer
Interior Architecture, Architecture, Design Process, Analysis and Concept Development, with particular experience through practice and research of the criminal courts, large scale commercial schemes for courthouses, banks, airport buildings, corporate headquarters and adaptive re-use and conservation of ancient /Listed buildings their heritage and conservation, interpretation and materiality. I am interested in what makes a sense of place, in how architecture can create place from space, and why that is important in public buildings in particular.
Dr Marcin Kolakowski Senior Lecturer
Architect and senior lecturer in architecture
Ms Maria Karaolides Associate Lecturer
Mr Mark Leary Associate Lecturer
Dr Mark Olweny Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Architectural and Built Environment Education Social and Cultural Studies Environmental Design and Energy Efficiency in Tropical Environments
Dr Olatunji Abisuga Lecturer in Construction Management
Construction Management, Construction Law, Facilities Management, Construction Economics, Building Information Modelling, Quantity Surveying
Dr Ozlem Duran Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
architectural technologies, energy efficiency, retrofit design, BIM, off-site construction, and building performance analysis
Mr Peter Baldwin Senior Lecturer in Architecture / Programme Leader
Drawing, Visual Theory, Narrative Theory, Critical Design, Speculative Design, Pedagogy
Dr Primali Paranagamage Senior Lecturer
Design for health and wellbeing, rehabilitation, regeneration, urban design, resettlement, the built environment in social construction and social change
Dr Raymund Konigk Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Interior Design
Dr Rosi Fieldson Senior Lecturer
Environmental management for construction BREEAM assessment LCA for buildings
Mrs Rosie Elvin Senior Lecturer
Interior Architecture, Architecture
Dr Saad Sarhan Senior Lecturer in Construction Management / Programme Leader
Construction Management, Lean Construction, and Construction Procurement
Ms Sara McKenna Associate Lecturer
Prof Stephen Pretlove Head of Lincoln School of Architecture & The Built Environment
The procurement of a sustainable and low carbon built environment
Mr Steve Fenn Associate Lecturer
Mr Thomas Marshall Lecturer in Built Environment Studies
Mr Tim Harrison Associate Lecturer
Dr Tom Corbett Lecturer in Construction Management
- Information Communication Technology, - Building Information Modelling, - Low Carbon Technologies and Building Design
Mrs Tonia Warsap Senior Lecturer in Interior Architecture & Design / Programme Leader
Mr Trevor Elvin Senior Lecturer
Architecture, Interior Design, Community, placemaking, Installations, Fabrication,
Mr Trevor Wilson Associate Lecturer
Dr Zakkiya Khan Senior Lecturer in Interior Design and Architecture (HKDI)