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Be Inspired Days

Our Be Inspired Days offer students so much more than just a taster session. They can get a feel for a subject area, while getting to test-drive a selection of specific degree programmes, helping to familiarise them with new, exciting fields and courses. These practical, on-campus sessions place students in our modern facilities, next to our academic experts.

The events listed below offer your students the chance to explore a range of fields they may have not previously considered. Our Be Inspired events are open to Key Stage 5 students, and places are limited so we recommend early booking to avoid disappointment.

Be Inspired - World in Crisis

Wednesday 5 June 2024

Students will examine contemporary questions and issues in society through the lens of social policy, politics, sociology, and criminology. Each session will show how the people who study these disciplines have an impact on us and the wider world.

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Student working in a classroom

Be Inspired - Film, Media, and Journalism

Wednesday 5 June

Students are be able to develop their media and journalistic skills through creative workshops in our state-of-the-art facilities such as newsrooms and a TV Studio. By hearing from our expert academics, students can get an exciting insight into the subjects of Film Production, Journalism, Media Studies, and Media Production.

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Students working filming in a studio

Be Inspired - Engineering

Thursday 11 June 24

Students can experience insightful sessions in product design, coding, and aerodynamics. Each workshop gives students the opportunity to learn from subject experts. There will also be an opportunity to explore our high-quality facilities where students and academics are producing exciting research.

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Students in a semi-anechoic chamber

Be Inspired - English and Drama

Thursday 13 June 2024

This day is designed with A Levels in mind, giving students the opportunity to take a deeper dive into key texts. Students can delve into the jealousy and betrayal of Othello, exploring how these themes are portrayed through stage spectacle, and use physical devising exercises in a practical workshop to portray power dynamics, control, oppression, and resistance in The Handmaids Tale. Finally, students can unleash their creativity to write a story about resistance and resilience.

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Nine students performing Fantastic Mr Fox in the Lincoln Arts Centre

Be Inspired - Design

Wednesday 19 June 2024

Students can explore the fascinating subjects of Illustration, Creative Advertising, Architecture, Product Design plus Interior Architecture & Design through exciting workshops led by industry experienced academics.

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Students working with lightbox

Be Inspired - Astrophysics

Tuesday 25 June 2024

With a focus on astrophysics, this day takes students through the cosmos to examine discovered exoplanets, work out if these planets are suitable for habitation, and plan how we are going to get to them. Students will also be able to hear about exciting developments in the field of astrophysics and work to solve problems currently faced by industry.

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Be Inspired - Computer Science

Thursday 27 June 2024

This Be Inspired Day features a range of exciting activities that will lead you to explore some of the programmes offered in the School of Computer Science. You can learn how to code your first computer game, program a mobile app with the latest AI models, and build an autonomous robot.

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Students handling a computer science project

Be Inspired - Musical Theatre and Dance

Friday 28 June 2024

This day introduces students to the exciting world of musical theatre and dance at university. Across two hands-on musical theatre workshops, students can engage with a contemporary musical, and then create their own short performance piece. In the dance workshop, students can gain insight into the work and techniques of Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, and Merce Cunningham, and learn a section of Repertory.

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Three dance students performing on stage