Paying Tuition Fees

As a student at the University of Lincoln, you will be required to pay tuition fees for each year of your course. Depending on the type of programme and study level, the cost of tuition can vary. However you are funding your studies, there’s a range of payment methods to suit you. 

For information on how to pay for International College Degree Preparation programmes, please visit

Whichever method you choose, you will be asked to pay your fees in three stages.

Stage one: a £3,000 deposit is to be paid on receipt of a unconditional offer. This applies to students who require a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) and are not progressing from the International Study Group or PEASS courses. Sponsorship letters will be accepted providing that the correct letter structure is adhered to.

Stage two: 50% of the fees to be paid BEFORE enrolment and by the date specified on our website.

Stage three: the remaining balance is to be paid in full, or via a maximum of nine equal consecutive monthly instalments commencing in the month you enrol. You need to select your preferred option within 21 days of enrolment or your study progression may be affected as per the University General Regulations.

For example, Jiamin’s tuition fee due is £13,648. She will be required to pay £6,824 in order to enrol (stage two). If she has already paid a £3,000 deposit (stage one), a payment of £3,824 will be required for stage two and a payment of £6,824 will be required for stage three.

Please note that the tuition fee due is the total amount of fees payable after any applicable scholarships have been deducted.

Sponsorship Letters

Sponsorship letters (from commercial bodies only, not a private individual such as a friend or relative) will be accepted during stage one providing that the correct letter structure is adhered to. The letter should:

  • Be on letter headed paper, be addressed to the University of Lincoln, and signed by your line manager or director.
  • Contain contact details of the person/department responsible for payment of your fees
  • Include your name, the academic year you are being sponsored for, the programme title, and the sponsorship amount.

If your sponsor requires a purchase order or other reference number quoting on their invoice, this should also be indicated on the letter. 

Please note that sponsors must pay in full within 30 days of receipt of invoice and cannot pay by instalments.

How to pay through flywire using a Form A

Please note that paying through flywire is the Universities only agreed method of payment.

If you are a student from Nigeria and are wishing to make payment for your Tuition/Accommodation fees using a Form A, please find here details on how you can process this payment through flywire in GBP.  Following this process will ensure there are no additional costs to yourself and you can still benefit from the Form A discounted rate through a local bank.

When funds are sent via Flywire, both the payer and institution have full payment visibility, enabling them to easily track funds throughout the payment journey. Payers will receive email update notifications at each point in the payment process.

Please also note that we have been notified that the Form A method of payment is stopping from December 2022 and that payments though this method are taking longer than usual.  We therefore recommend allowing additional time to complete the payment process.  You may also wish to pay more of your fees now to take advantage of the discounted rate offered through Form A. 


We are happy to inform you that the University of Lincoln has partnered with Flywire to provide you with an easy and secure method of sending international fee payments.

Flywire allows you to:

1. Pay in over 150 currencies
2. Track your payment from start to finish
3. Pay by credit or debit card, bank transfer or e-wallet solutions including China UnionPay and Alipay
4. Pay from any country and any bank
5. Save on bank fees and exchange rates
6. Benefit from a 24/7 dedicated multilingual customer support

Flywire allows transfers in your home currency and will ensure best rate guarantee.

Please see flywires 'How To' video below.  You can also view their FAQ.

How to Make a Payment with Flywire from Flywire on Vimeo.

You can make your payments by clicking the below pay now button.

Pay now with Flywire

How to make a payment with Flywire

Payment Methods 

Please note that the University does not accept cash payments for fees. Please choose one of the following options:

To make a payment by bank transfer please click the 'Pay now with Flywire' button below.

Pay now with Flywire

Using our partner system, Flywire, you will be able to pay your tuition securely in full using the following payment cards:

Visa  MasterCard  Maestro  China Union Pay  AliPay  American Express  

By using Flywire you will have the option of paying in your home currency. You simply enter the GBP value that you have been asked to pay, choose the country that you’re paying from and the system will convert this to your home currency*.

You can make your payments by clicking the below pay now button.

Pay now with Flywire

Please note: If you are being sponsored, your sponsor can also pay online. They will need your student number, and date of birth. This ensures any payment is correctly assigned to your University account.

If you have made a payment through Flywire, please retain the payment confirmation e-mail from Flywire as proof of payment.  You do not need to contact us to confirm receipt of funds. 

Once you have paid your 50% to enrol you can setup an Instalment plan for the remaining 50%

Using our partner system, WPM, you will be able to pay your tuition securely in instalments using the following payment cards:

Visa  MasterCard  Maestro

You can arrange a payment plan so that you can pay in monthly instalments. The maximum number of instalments is 9 and must be consecutive starting in the month you enrol.

Once you have fully enrolled you can setup an instalment plan for the tuition fee you have been charged. To set up your instalment plan, please visit My Finances on the Student Portal and choose the option to Pay by Instalments. Please note that your first instalment will be taken immediately when you setup your plan.

Please note that Instalment Plans need to be setup for each academic year. They do not automatically continue.

Blank Mandate – Only to be used if directly instructed by Finance to choose “Blank Mandate”:

The University of Lincoln has partnered with FEXCO to provide an easy and secure method of setting up instalment plans in your home currency.

If you choose to pay your fees using an overseas card, your initial payment and all future payments will be processed in your home currency.

Benefits for you:

  • Experience instant conversion to a familiar currency
  • Today’s exchange rate (based on 3% above Reuters Wholesale Interbank Exchange Rate on the date of each payment)
  • FEXCO offer an exchange rate guarantee (further information available here).
  • Available to both VISA and Mastercard cardholders in 32 available currencies

If you wish to change your currency choice for any future payments you may do so by phoning our finance team on +44(0) 1522 803120.

For Tuition or Accommodation:

  • Updating a debit/credit card that has expired/changed
  • Updating a debit/credit card to a different card

Please follow the link below: 

Important Notice – Bank Sanctions:  Students domiciled in or whose payments are to be initiated/originate from Syria, North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Crimea or Sudan.

Please read the following policy prior to transmitting any payments to the University:

Bank Sanctions Policy (PDF)

Lloyds financial and trade sanctions (mentioned a number of times in the policy).

Bank Sanction Form (Word Document)