Strategic Plan

Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience

Our Strategy

We collaborate

We co-create meaningful educational opportunities and experiences with our students, colleagues, industry partners, and Students’ Union, working in partnership to deliver engaging, inclusive, and relevant curricula.

We challenge

Our students will be challenged to develop into highly skilled, confident, and employable graduates, through engagement in innovative and diverse learning experiences

We transform

Our educational experience will transform the lives of our students, regardless of background, empowering our graduates to change society for the better.

Our Vision

We will co-create meaningful, challenging, and life-enhancing educational experiences with our students. We will empower and support them to become creative graduates with global, inclusive mindsets, a strong sense of personal and social responsibility, and the ability to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Our Values

These underpin all our actions and are key for our community’s success:

- We embrace difference through a global mindset.

- We are curious, hungry for knowledge, and unafraid of questioning assumptions.

- We strive for greater self-awareness, and are accountable for our individual growth. We accept personal responsibility for the wellbeing of individuals, societies, and environments.

- We are courageous and embed exploration and innovation in our approach.

Our Principles ("Lincoln for LIFE")

To achieve our vision we will embed the following principles within our curricula and student experience: Learning as One Community; Inclusive and Diverse; Flexible and Agile; Empowered for Employment.

Learning as One Community

Our students are our partners and we will ensure they are at the centre of all our work.

A group of students working together on a project

We will:

Develop meaningful student engagement, both within and beyond the curriculum, including opportunities for proactive co-creation, partnership, and collaboration.

Students sat outside and enjoying a chat

We will:

Actively support our students, both academically and personally, to choose how they enrich their personal learning journeys, wellbeing, and ambitions and how they respond to any barriers they may encounter.

External view of The Engine Shed building on Brayford Pool Campus

We will:

Work proactively with our Students' Union partners to provide a great and sociable extracurricular student experience that provides opportunities alongside and beyond the curriculum, aiming to increase our students’ skills, sense of belonging, enjoyment, and attainment.

We recognise the role of research and professional practice in our learning community, and the importance of our own development.

Students working in a film and television studio

We will:

Connect teaching, research, and professional practice to underpin a stimulating, challenging, and rewarding student experience, contributing to further knowledge creation and exchange within wider society.

A member of staff taking to a student

We will:

Invest in our educators and those who support them to experience, understand, and enable 21st Century learning.

A group of students sitting around a table in a seminar room

We will:

Help our educators to actively innovate and to share their insights across communities, the sector, and beyond.

Inclusive and Diverse

Our education will be accessible for all.

A group of students sat chatting in the library

We will:

Actively address personal, societal, intercultural, and institutional barriers to realise aspirations.

A group of students sat on a bench outside on campus

We will:

Proactively engage with our students and the wider community to facilitate transformative inclusive pedagogies.

Old books stacked on a table

We will:

Actively engage in decolonising our curriculum and our students’ learning experiences.

How we assess our students is central to their development, making a “real-world” approach essential.

A student sat writing at a desk

We will:

Develop assessments that are inclusive, authentic, transparent, ambitious, and co-created with stakeholders.

A student sat working on a laptop and making notes

We will:

Build assessment literacy in staff and students to enable continuous improvement in our practice.

A student taking notes on a tablet device during a lecture

We will:

Enable innovative, multi-modal, holistic, and integrated forms of assessment.

Flexible and Agile

We will take a flexible and responsive approach to curricula delivery.

Two students working together on a laptop

We will:

Empower students to co-create their own learning journey.

A student working on a digital screen

We will:

Develop adaptable, multi-modal delivery approaches that enable learners to succeed.

A student working on an experiment in a science lab

We will:

Update and co-create our programmes with our stakeholders to respond to local and global needs.

Empowered for Employment

Employability is an evolving journey that is exciting, challenging, and rewarding, yet unpredictable. Industry and community partners are essential to help empower our students to reach their full potential.

A student midwife talking to a patient in a surgery

We will:

Prioritise experiential, authentic learning within every programme, including work-based and work-related activities to ensure our students develop a lifelong learning mindset, equipping them to proactively review their skills and societal contributions over time.

A student examines a piece of engineering equipment

We will:

Listen to and act upon guidance given by employers to ensure our learning experience is applied, outward looking, and future-focused.

A european city skyline

We will:

Maximise opportunities for our students to engage in genuine intercultural experiences, in this country or overseas.

Core Skills and Attributes

These core skills will be embedded within all our curricula. They are essential attributes, based on global research and our own consultations which will help all our graduates to succeed in our ever-changing society. Further help and explanations will be developed to support the process of embedding these within curricula at programme level, and mapping what already exists.

Core Skills Wheel diagram

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You can download a PDF version of our Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience plan.

Teaching, Learning, and Student Experience (PDF)