Strategic Plan

Arts, Culture, and Heritage

Our Strategy

At the University of Lincoln, we believe in the power of arts, culture, and heritage to challenge and change the world. Through our rich cultural assets, vibrant programming, and meaningful collaborations with students, partners, and publics, we will develop our reputation as a creative cultural powerhouse that transforms lives, communities, and economies throughout Greater Lincolnshire and beyond.

Our Principles

Arts, culture, and heritage are foundational to the future reputation and success of the University of Lincoln. They are important not only in and of themselves, but in enabling all parts of the University to fulfil its vision and mission. 

Our creative work faces both ways: inwards to the University and outwards to the city, region, and beyond, creating synergistic connections between them, for the benefit of all.

We are a staff/student community of makers and thought-leaders. Our approach is entrepreneurial, responsive, and collaborative. Through arts, heritage, and culture, we seek and publicly celebrate better ways of living, being, and relating.

Our cultural assets are crucial to the achievement of our ambitions. Grown in consultation with stakeholders and organised to achieve multiple strategic objectives, they are creatively led, effectively governed, and financially robust. 

Our Aims

The Lincoln Performing Arts Centre building at night

We will:

Transform our campus into a vibrant creative hub – a destination for students, residents, and visitors that offers year-round cultural enrichment, excitement, and challenge.

A big wheel lit up at the Lincoln Christmas Market

We will:

Serve and develop the local cultural ecology and its creative and heritage industries, contributing to their future success.

A student works on a complex design project

We will:

Pursue innovative, synergistic approaches to teaching, learning, research, and professional practice that bring arts, heritage, and culture into mutually productive interchanges with science, health, business, and social scientific disciplines.

Our Objectives

We have pulled together a number of objectives as part of our arts, culture, and heritage strategy. These include:

A well-publicised and highly accessible calendar of events and festivals that capitalise on our cultural assets, and showcase staff, student, and other local talent.

A curated, co-created, and environmentally sustainable set of permanent and temporary artworks, exhibits, installations, and performances, featuring across outdoor and indoor campus spaces.

Refreshed, expanded, and mutually beneficial partnerships with external organisations that are rooted in arts, culture, and heritage.

A talent pipeline, from teenagers to lifelong learners, built via our degree programmes, short courses, live projects, consultancy opportunities, placements, volunteering, and schools and community-based initiatives.

Cutting-edge heritage and creative activities developed with, by, for, and about under-represented groups.

New understandings of, and appreciation for local arts, culture, and heritage, that is developed through our research, teaching, consultancy, and knowledge-exchange activities.

Entrepreneurial arts, creative business, and humane science and medicine graduates whose skills, experiences, and attributes are highly in demand by employers.

Use of arts, culture, and heritage perspectives to enhance challenge-based interdisciplinary research, and as modes of engaging non-academic audiences with all kinds of academic knowledge and practice.

Developing our people through opportunities for residencies and secondments with our cultural assets and projects.


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You can download a PDF version of our Arts, Culture, and Heritage plan.

Arts, Culture, and Heritage (PDF)