School of Health and Social Care Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Miss Abbi Quinn Associate Lecturer
Mrs Abigail Bublik Associate Lecturer
Miss Adele Hare Lecturer in Nursing
Mrs Adele Parsons Senior Lecturer in Advanced Clinical Practice
Mr Adrian Croft Senior Lecturer
Mr Adrian Sweeney Clinical Skills Technician
Mrs Alison Pettigrew Head of Student Experience and Transformation (Health)
Miss Ally Rose Senior Lecturer
Miss Amy Holmes Associate Lecturer
Mrs Amy Rennison Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Miss Andrea Hall Practical Instructor
Mrs Andrea Scott Administrator
Mrs Aparna Ramachandran Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy
Mr Ben Thornton Administrator
Mr Benjamin Smith Associate Lecturer
Miss Bethany Robinson-Benstead Practice Placement Coordinator
Ms Carol Duff Senior Lecturer and Consultant Therapist
Mrs Caroline Riley External Income Projects Manager
Miss Carolyn Smith Practice Placement Coordinator
Mrs Catherine Shiels Lecturer
Miss Charley White Lecturer
Ms Charli Clapham Lecturer in Practice Education/ Programme Leader
Mr Charlie Harris Administrator
Mr Charlie Suraci-Neve Administrator
Miss Charlotte Carter Practice Placement Co-ordinator
Ms Charlotte Hildred Lecturer in Paramedic Science
Ms Chelsea Murphy Lecturer in Public Health
Mrs Cheryl Cook Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Miss Chloe Hines Administrator
Miss Chloe Keeping Associate Lecturer
Ms Chris Breen Senior Lecturer
Mr Christopher Bassett Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Miss Clara Cutts Graduate Teaching Fellow
Mrs Clodagh Clark Associate Lecturer
Dr Coral Sirdifield Senior Research Associate in Criminal Justice and Health
Mr Damian Henden Administrator
Miss Daniella Friguglietti Administrator
Mrs Danielle Haddon Associate Lecturer
Miss Danielle Hewish Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer
Mr Dave Callow Senior Lecturer in Social Work/Programme Leader
Mr David Cann Senior Lecture/Programme Leader
Dr David Cookson Associate Lecturer
Mr David Emerson Associate Lecturer
Dr David Johnson Deputy Head of School
Mr Dean Walker Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Mrs Dee Ellidge Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Ms Despina Laparidou Research Assistant
Mrs Donna-Marie Gordon Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing/ Programme Leader
Ms Elisabeth Waring Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Dr Elise Rowan Clinical Database Manager
Miss Ellie Forbes Lead for Children's Nursing (Senior Lecturer) / Programme Leader
Mr Elliott Cooper Associate Lecturer
Miss Emily Baxter Lecturer in Anatomy and Physiology for Health Studies
Miss Emily May Kinderman Clinical Skills Technician
Miss Emily Rose Senior Administrator Placement Learning Hub Apprenticeship Specialist
Miss Emma Ford Associate Lecturer
Ms Emma Hawkesford Associate Lecturer
Mrs Emma Lugrin Associate Lecturer
Mrs Emma Morton Administrator
Dr Fabian Seymour Honorary Senior Fellow
Ms Faye Button Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Miss Frances Keane Associate Lecturer
Miss Frances Nicol Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Miss Francesca Hague-Blundy Practice Learning Hub Manager
Mrs Gail Eden Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Miss Gemma Machin Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Miss Georgie Nicholls Research Assistant (PANDA)
Miss Geraldine Jamieson School Manager
Prof Graham Law Professor in Medical Statistics
Dr Gregory Whitley Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science
Dr Gupteswar Patel Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Health Services Research
Mrs Heather Allmond Associate Lecturer
Mrs Heather Jackson Senior Clinical Lecturer
Mrs Heather Rose Lecturer in Nursing
Mrs Helen Alcock-Towse Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing/ Programme Leader
Miss Helen Chaplin Associate Lecturer
Mrs Helen Chilvers Senior Lect (Nursing)/Programme Leader
Mrs Helen Davies Senior Lecturer
Mrs Helen Harte Associate Professor
Ms Helen Ribchester Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Ms Holly Toyne Associate Lecturer
Mr Ian Mathews Associate Lecturer
Dr Ian McGonagle Associate Professor
Mr Ian McKenzie-Purdham Senior Lecturer Paramedic Science/Programme Leader
Mr Ian Trueman Associate Professor
Mrs Izzy Swain Practice Learning Hub Manager
Mr Jack Shacklady Associate Lecturer
Dr Jackie Hammerton Deputy Head of School
Mr James Hinchcliffe Associate Lecturer
Mrs Jane Dulake Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer
Mrs Jasmine Talbot-Somers Graduate Teaching Fellow
Mr Jason Dawson Associate Lecturer
Mrs Jayne Negus Associate Lecturer
Miss Jen Jackson Lecturer in Paramedic Science
Mrs Jenny Allis Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Ms Jenny Dagg Associate Lecturer
Miss Jessica Hathway Lecturer in Social Work
Dr Jim Rogers Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Mr Jimmy Osborne Administrator
Miss Jo Taylor Lecturer in Nursing
Ms Joanne Topping Apprenticeship Coach
Mr John McKenzie Senior Lecturer in Paramedic Science/Programme Leader
Mr Jonathan Chippendale Associate Lecturer
Dr Joseph Akanuwe PostDoctoral Research Associate in Primary Care&Public Health Research
Mr Joseph King Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Dr Judith McLeod Associate Professor in Nursing
Mrs Julie Bulteel Senior Lecturer in Midwifery
Dr Julie Pattinson Post Doctoral Research Associate in Qualitative Methods
Dr Jutta Meiwald Associate Lecturer
Prof Kate Grafton Head of School / Professor of Allied Health Professions Education
Ms Katerina Nolan Senior Lecturer in Social Work
Mrs Kathy Hobson Associate Lecturer
Miss Katie Marshall Senior Clinical Skills Technician
Mrs Kaya Kosmala Senior Administrator
Mrs Kelly Skidmore Administrator
Mr Kenneth Ripley Practice Educator (Senior Lecturer)
Mrs Kerry Welch Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Miss Kirstie Atkinson Clinical Tutor in Adult Nursing
Miss Kizzy Lynch Lead Midwife for Education (Senior Lecturer) / Programme Leader
Mrs Kristie Rennison Associate Lecturer
Miss Laura Bowskill Placement Administrator
Miss Laura Christopher Associate Lecturer
Miss Laura Ntekpere-Onyewuchi Associate Lecturer
Miss Laura Pellegrini Associate Lecturer
Miss Laura Perrin-Brown Honorary Clinical Teaching Fellow
Dr Laurence Baldwin Senior Lecturer Mental Health Nursing
Miss Leanne Wiles Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy
Mrs Lesley Bradley Senior Lecturer in Advanced Clinical Practice
Mrs Lesley Gratrix Deputy Head of School/ Associate Professor
Dr Leslie Hicks Associate Lecturer
Ms Linda Wyatt Lecturer in Nursing
Dr Lisa Everton Associate Lecturer
Mrs Liz Norton Associate Lecturer
Ms Lorena Hall Associate Lecturer
Mrs Lorna Pearson Associate Lecturer
Mrs Louise Howe Lecturer in Occupational Therapy
Ms Louise Marsh Research Associate
Mrs Louise Oram Associate Lecturer
Miss Louise Thompson Administrator
Miss Lucy Bright Associate Lecturer
Mrs Lucy Brown Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Mrs Lucy Picksley Participation Worker
Ms Lyndsay Khan Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
Maeve McAllister Associate Lecturer
Mrs Maija Campbell Lecturer in Health and Social Care
Dr Maria Joyce Senior Lecturer
Mrs Marie Beck Associate Lecturer
Miss Marie Rawdon Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing
Miss Martha Leighton Associate Lecturer
Ms Mary Heritage Senior Lecturer and Programme Lead in Speech and Language Therapy
Mrs Megan McAuliffe Apprenticeship Coach
Mrs Mel Murphy Administrator - Health and Social Care
Mrs Melanie Kendrew Associate Lecturer
Prof Michael Rowe Associate Professor (Digital Innovation in Health & Social Care)
Prof Mo Ray Professor of Health and Social Care
Miss Molly Darby Senior Administrator
Dr Moninuola Ifayomi Associate Lecturer
Mr Myles Butler Associate Professor (Postgraduate and CPD)
Ms Naomi Plant Associate Lecturer
Miss Natasha Blackmore Administrator
Miss Natasha Bryan Senior Lecturer in Diagnostic Radiography/ Programme Leader
Mrs Natasha Recchia Senior Lecturer/ Programme Leader
Mrs Nicola Deveaux Senior Lecturer in Adult Nursing/ Programme Leader
Mr Nigel Horner Visiting Professor for Social Work and Interprofessional Education
Prof Niro Siriwardena Professor of Primary & Pre-Hospital Health Care
Ms Nkechi Harrison Associate Lecturer
Mr Paul Bates Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
Mr Paul Bercea Associate Lecturer
Mr Paul Bramwell Senior Lecturer
Mr Paul Darlington Forson Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care
Mr Paul John Bates Lecturer
Mrs Paula Suciu Graduate Teaching Fellow
Mr Philip Musson Associate Lecturer
Mrs Pippa Webb Senior Lecturer in Midwifery/ Programme Leader
Miss Priya Sharma Clinical Trials Coordinator
Mrs Rachael Martin Associate Lecturer
Miss Rachael Mason Senior Lecturer in Health and Social Care/ Programme Leader
Mrs Rachel Bage Senior Lecturer
Mrs Rachel Cavill Associate Lecturer
Miss Rachel Hunter Associate Lecturer
Ms Rachel Taylor Honorary Appointment - Disability Support Worker
Ms Rebecca Connolly Associate Lecturer
Mrs Rebecca Kane Clinical Tutor in Adult Nursing
Mrs Rebecca Metheringham Associate Lecturer
Mrs Rebecca Parsons Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Mx Rob Goemans Associate Lecturer
Mr Robert Stratton Administrator
Mr Robert Williams Associate Lecturer
Mr Roger Linnell Associate Lecturer
Prof Ros Kane Professor of Nursing and Public Health
Mrs Rowena Burgess Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy / Programme Lead
Mrs Rowena Pyott Lecturer in Social Work/Programme Leader
Miss Sally Houltby Senior Lecturer
Ms Sally Riggall Senior Lecturer
Mrs Sally Widdowson Associate Lecturer
Mrs Sandra Pygott Associate Lecturer
Mrs Sangeeta Bassi Associate Lecturer
Mrs Sarah Beresford Senior Lecturer
Mrs Sarah Ellis Senior Clinical Tutor in Adult Nursing
Ms Sarah Lepley Senior Lecturer in Social Work/Programme Leader
Miss Sarah Roberts Associate Lecturer
Mr Sean Morton Senior Lecturer
Miss Shannon KerryDavies Associate Lecturer
Ms Shantelle Svarc Research Assistant
Mrs Shelley Bampton Associate Lecturer
Dr Shihua Zhu Senior Research Fellow in Econometrics and Health Economics
Mrs Siobhan Ward Senior Lecturer in Nursing
Dr Sophie Willis Associate Professor
Dr Stephanie Armstrong Acting Associate Professor/Programme Leader
Mrs Sue Bowler Administrator (CaHRU)
Ms Suzanne Harrigan Associate Lecturer
Mrs Suzanne Viola Practice Educator (Senior Lecturer)
Dr Tanja Kleinhappel Clinical Data Manager
Miss Tara Burton Administrator
Mr Thomas George Research Assistant
Mrs Tina Seed Associate Lecturer
Mrs Tracey Day Senior Lecturer in Speech and Language Therapy
Dr Tracey Latham-Green Honorary Senior Fellow
Mr Trevor Simpson Associate Professor
Dr Udara Gunathilake Visiting Researcher
Mrs Vanessa Tindale Lecturer in Adult Nursing
Mr Vernon Mukori Senior Lecturer in Advanced Clinical Practice
Dr Viet-Hai Phung Research Assistant
Mr Wayne Buckton Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Mrs Wendy Beckett Associate Lecturer
Ms Wendy Leighton Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Ms Yvonne Galea Senior Lecturer in Social Work (Project Selborne)
Ms Yvonne McGrath Associate Lecturer
Dr Zahid Asghar Associate Professor
Miss Zahra Chohan Administrator