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The University is committed to developing research and scholarship that fosters a vibrant culture in which to work and study. As this dynamic culture grows, research begins to infiltrate everything we do - enhancing partnerships, improving interdisciplinary thinking and, in turn, making a visible contribution to wider society.

Professor Andrew Hunter, Deputy Vice Chancellor.

Specialist Research Spaces

The University of Lincoln has a variety of cutting-edge research spaces that help staff and students conduct pioneering studies in a number of subject areas.

Isaac Newton Building

The new £28 million Isaac Newton Building is home to staff and students from the Schools of Computer Science, Engineering, and Mathematics and Physics. It is a hub of research and innovation which includes a laser laboratory that facilitates research within a wide range of wavelength spectra and power levels, a fully equipped metrology laboratory, which houses equipment for the study and manipulation of surfaces, and a bespoke research rig for the testing of high-speed rotating machinery. There are also high-end technical resources for computer science, universal test facilities for imaging devices, and a specialist robotics laboratory. Siemens Energy have co-located global product training facilities within this building, including large-scale atmospheric chambers for advanced combustion research.

Joseph Banks Laboratories

The University’s Joseph Banks Laboratories are specially-designed science facilities which are home to the Schools of Chemistry, Life Sciences, and Pharmacy. With extensive state-of-the-art equipment, the laboratories house facilities for research in the biological sciences, including equipment for the growth of mammalian and human cell cultures, instruments for DNA, RNA and protein analysis, and a category 2 microbiology laboratory for the safe handling, growth and study of micro-organisms. The Laboratories sit in the heart of the multi-million pound Science and Innovation Park, established in collaboration with Lincolnshire Co-operative, which encompasses research spaces for pharmaceutical and biological sciences as well as facilities for other scientific, industrial and engineering development enterprises. The Science and Innovation Park is also home to specialist laboratories for the study of animal behaviour, cognition and welfare, including a cold-blooded vertebrates cognition laboratory, invertebrates collection, companion animal behaviour centre, and a dog training centre.

Sarah Swift Building

The University of Lincoln’s newest academic facility, the Sarah Swift Building hosts the Schools Psychology and Health and Social Care. With state-of-the-art psychology laboratories for the study of sleep, baby development and neuroscience, a 3D body scanner and advanced training suites for nurses which emulate hospital and community care environments, the building represents a hub for medical research and research-informed teaching.

Media Facilities

The Brayford Pool Campus is home to an industry-standard Media Broadcast Production Centre, which includes television studios containing HD cameras, radio studios, video and audio editing suites, digital imaging suites, a 24-track live HD digital multitrack audio studio, a photography studio, multimedia suites, and the Lincoln Sound Theatre. 

Human Performance Centre

The Human Performance Centre, a cutting-edge facility comprising specialist laboratories for sport and exercise science, includes an endless pool, isokinetic chair, curve treadmill and cycle ergometer. Staff and students also utilise the University’s portable equipment for field research in sport, including measuring expired gases, team physiological monitoring, force platforms, pressure plate, real-time motion capture and electromyography.

National Centre for Food Manufacturing

At the University of Lincoln’s Holbeach Campus, the National Centre for Food Manufacturing is fitted with the latest food manufacturing equipment, including automated fresh food weighing and packaging lines with robotic case packing, a sensory evaluation suite, product development kitchen, microbiology and food chemistry analytical laboratories, and a library with access to specialist food collections and databases.

Riseholme Campus

The University’s stunning Riseholme Campus, just north of Lincoln, boasts a 240-hectare arable farm and 180-hectare mixed farm estate which facilitate research into areas such as cutting-edge agricultural robotics, ecology and hydrology.

Lincoln Conservation

The University is home to Lincoln Conservation – a specialist and well-renowned commercial conservation consultancy, whose work and research specialises in the conservation and restoration of some of the UK’s most important historic artefacts and buildings. On the University campus, specialist laboratories are equipped for the detailed examination of the fabric of historical buildings and monuments and the conservation of historic collections.

Lincoln Arts Centre

The Lincoln Arts Centre, located at the heart of the Brayford Pool Campus, is a unique facility for staff and students specialising in drama, dance and music. As well as hosting a lively programme of public show throughout the year, the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre’s 446-seat theatre is available for staff and student practice and performance, and the building also includes four multi-purpose studios, including a 75-seat black box space.

Lincoln Institute for Advanced Studies

The Lincoln Institute for Advanced Studies supports the curiosity that drives international research excellence at the University of Lincoln. It supports the growth of ideas, opportunities, and activities which underpin a vibrant, varied, and outward-looking research environment.

Eleanor Glanville Centre

The Eleanor Glanville Centre is an interdisciplinary centre for inclusion, diversity, and equality at the University of Lincoln. It aims to drive cultural change across the institution to further the strategic ambitions of the University in terms of inclusion and diversity.

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