Lincoln School of Design Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Ms Agnieszka Kowalska Associate Lecturer
Illustration, Drawing
Miss Alexa Mottram Senior Lecturer in Product Design
Sustainable Design, Repair, Circular Economy
Ms Amy Marie Johnson Associate Professor/Director of Teaching & Learning, School of Design
Mr Andrew Boulton Senior Lecturer Creative Writing
Mr Andy Weekes Associate Lecturer
Photography / Film / Art Direction
Mrs Ann Draycott Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Fashion Pattern Construction and Garment Manufacture.
Mrs Ann Povey Associate Lecturer
Glass, ceramics and metalwork.
Dr Anna Catalani Associate Professor
Cultural heritage; material culture; audience engagement; fashion curatorship
Prof Anne Chick Professor in Social Design
Mrs Autumn Danks Associate Lecturer
Mr Barrie Tullett Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Graphic Design, Magazine Design, Artists Books, Typography, Concrete Poetry, Typewriter Art, Letterpress.
Dr Begum Ulusoy Senior Lecturer in Research Process (Spatial Design)
Interior Architecture, Colour/ Material Perception, Interior Experience, CMF (Colour-Material-Finishes) Properties, Semantics
Mr Brian Voce Senior Lecturer
Visual Communication/ Pedagogic Activities
Mr Chris Dunne Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Aesthetics of protest, typographic experimentation, interaction technology, hacktivism, maker movement.
Mr Christopher Roantree Senior Lecturer
Mr Dan Poyner Associate Lecturer
Mr Daniel Elkington Associate Lecturer
Mr Daniel Martin Associate Lecturer
Mr Darren Diss Senior Lecturer
Mr David Pettitt Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Advertising, Graphic Design
Mr David Thompson Senior Lecturer
Design/ Illustration/ Art Direction/ Idea Generation/ Problem Solving
Ms Davina Hawthorne Associate Lecturer
Dr Emilio Rossi Senior Lecturer in Product Design
Design Research; Design for Social Inclusion; Human Centred Design; Design for Sustainability; Human Factors and Ergonomics (HF/E); 3D Printing; Tacit Knowledge Sharing (i.e. know-how); Design-Driven Innovation in/for SMEs.
Ms Emma Belli Associate Lecturer
Ms Emma Donovan Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Scenography, Architectural Design.
Mrs Emma Dudley Associate Lecturer
Ms Emma Eassom Associate Demonstrator
Mr Ethan Kocot Associate Lecturer
Dr Francesca Lanz Senior Lecturer in Interior Architecture and Design
Ms Gail Parminter Senior Lecturer in Creative Advertising
Creative thinking skills, copywriting, gender and advertising
Mr Geoffrey Cooley Associate Lecturer
Mr Giuseppe Belli Lecturer in Arts Foundation
Miss Hannah Wroe Senior Lecturer
Creative pattern cutting, Made to measure womenswear, 20th Century dress history, Historical pattern cutting, Corsetry
Mrs Hayley Young Associate Lecturer
Dr Heather Connelly Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Fine Art, Art-and-Translation, transdisciplinary practice, Practice -based/-led/as Research
Mrs Holly Furness Associate Lecturer
Prof Ian de Vere Head of School of Design
Social Innovation Sustainability Industrial / product design
Dr Ian Waites Senior Lecturer
English landscape art and rural society c.1700-2000, Council housing in Britain 1945-1980, British Popular Culture and Social History 1945-1980.
Dr James Shorthose Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
My subject specialism include creative industries; theories of creativity, cultural policy research, research design and strategy for creative practitioners, and discussions of enterprise, entrepreneurialism and 'alt-repreneurialism' for creative practitioners
Mr Jamie Oliver Senior Lecturer
drawing, illustration and painting
Mr Jason Wiggin Senior Lecturer
Ms Jenna Alldread Associate Lecturer
Mr Jeremy Goffin Senior Lecturer
Visual Communication for print, screen, static and motion based graphic design.
Mr Jerome Tsui Associate Lecturer
Miss Joanna Mansfield Senior Lecturer
Graphic Design, Art Direction, Photography, Branding & Identity
Mr John Stocker Associate Professor
The history and theory of design practice. Design education, interdisciplinary practices and pedagogy.
Mr Keith Hume Senior Lecturer in Illustration / Programme Leader
Miss Kimberley Errington Associate Lecturer
Ms Lesley Farrell Associate Lecturer
Curation, Audience Development, Arts and Heritage,
Mrs Lesley Matthews Associate Lecturer
Mr Lewi Allison Associate Lecturer
Ms Lorna Cameron Associate Lecturer
Interior Architecture, Architecture, Design Process, Analysis and Concept Development, with particular experience through practice and research of the criminal courts, large scale commercial schemes for courthouses, banks, airport buildings, corporate headquarters and adaptive re-use and conservation of ancient /Listed buildings their heritage and conservation, interpretation and materiality. I am interested in what makes a sense of place, in how architecture can create place from space, and why that is important in public buildings in particular.
Mr Mark Leary Associate Lecturer
Mr Mark Simmonds Lecturer in Graphic Design
In 2012 I received my MFA in Typography from Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem, the Netherlands. I'm interested in independent publishing, print ephemera, and graphic design pedagogy. Related to this inquiry, my work can be found in the exhibition 'BiblioTech' at Exhibition Research Lab, Liverpool John Moores University. The works I have exhibited are expanded artefacts and documentation from a lecture and workshop series titled D-E-T-A-I-L that I assembled and delivered in the 21-22 academic year. Taking typographer Jost Hochuli's book 'Detail in Typography' as a starting point, a typographic glossary of sorts, D-E-T-A-I-L looks at the finer details of typography by focussing solely on artefacts, ephemera, and terminology that begins with each letter of the word *detail* (for example, items covered included: DIN paper formats, Econasign stencil sets, Times New Roman font, Asymmetrical typographic layouts, Interrobang symbol, Letraset transfer lettering kits):
Mr Matt Smith Associate Lecturer
Mr Mike Belton Senior Lecturer
Advertising, Creative problem solving, Art Direction, Design, Visual Communication.
Mr Neal Cresswell Associate Lecturer
Mr Neil Housego Senior Lecturer
Industrial Design
Dr Neil Maycroft Associate Professor
Design history and theory and material culture studies. Creativity and creative practice.
Mr Nicholas Wilson Lecturer in Arts Foundation
Curation and the Artist Led
Mr Paul Sinclair Senior Lecturer in Product Design/Programme Leader
Digital technologies in design and 3d printing, drawing, animation and product visualisation. Research methodologies and introspective practice.
Dr Raymund Konigk Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Interior Design
Mrs Rebecca Lockwood Associate Lecturer
Illustration and Design
Mrs Rhona Breeze-Lawlor Lecturer in Graphic Design
Mr Richard Cowley Associate Lecturer
Mr Richard Dean Associate Lecturer
Mr Rikki Marr Associate Lecturer
Mrs Rosie Elvin Senior Lecturer
Interior Architecture, Architecture
Dr Rowan Gatfield Senior Lecturer
Graphic Design, Illustration Zulu Beadwork Denotation and Colour Sequencing, Cultural Predisposition, strategic branding, advertising, Narrow Boat Painting, Brayford Pool Boating History
Ms Sara McKenna Associate Lecturer
Ms Stella Voce Associate Lecturer
Mr Steve Fenn Associate Lecturer
Mr Stewart Bibby Deputy Head of School
Product Design
Mr Thomas Marshall Lecturer in Interior Architecture and Design
Mr Tim Harrison Associate Lecturer
Mrs Tonia Warsap Senior Lecturer in Interior Architecture & Design / Programme Leader
Mr Trevor Wilson Associate Lecturer
Mrs Victoria Bellandini Senior Lecturer
Conceptual design approaches, fashion and costume design, portfolio development, fashion illustration, trend analysis, styling, critical and creative thinking, fashion writing
Mr Wayne Christian Senior Lecturer
Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Cross-Platform Development, Graphic Design, User Interface Design, User Experience Design and Ubiquitous computing
Mr Wayne Lockwood Senior Lecturer in Illustration
Under Illustration I specialise in surface pattern, editorial, cut paper and printmaking.
Dr Zakkiya Khan Senior Lecturer in Interior Design and Architecture (HKDI)