Department of Life Sciences Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Mrs Adele Turner Associate Lecturer
Dr Adele Wharton Associate Lecturer
Dr Adrian Goodman Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Plant Biomechanics
Miss Agnese Crisante Associate Demonstrator
Dr Ahmed Dowah Post Doctoral Research Associate in Antimicrobial Resistance
Ms Alex Aitken Senior Technician
Dr Ambrose Tinarwo Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare / Programme Leader
Animal Welfare
Miss Amelia Odell Associate Demonstrator
Dr Anais Chanson Post Doctoral Research Associate in Soil Biology
Dr Andrew Cooke Senior Lecturer in Bioveterinary Science
Animal health, welfare, and environmental interactions
Mr Andrew Dye Associate Demonstrator
Mr Andrew Lee Associate Lecturer
Prof Anna Wilkinson Professor of Animal Cognition
Animal Cognition
Dr Ashley Roberts Senior Lecturer in Bioveterinary Science
Human and veterinary viruses, molecular biology, host-virus interactions, virus replication and virion formation
Dr Beatrix Fahnert Deputy Head of School
Microbiology and Education
Mrs Beth Hodgkinson Administrator
Dr Beth Ventura Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Animal welfare science, applied ethology, social science, qualitative research
Miss Bethany Williams Associate Demonstrator
Dr Bidisha Kundu Post Doctoral Researcher - Numerical Modeller
Mr Brayden Albery Associate Demonstrator
Ms Brenda Gilligan Associate Lecturer
Mr Callum Cosens Associate Demonstrator
Dr Carl Soulsbury Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Behavioural Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Dr Carol Rea Associate Professor
Biomedical Science- Blood Sciences
Mrs Caterina Scott Administrator
Dr Charles Deeming Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Avian and Reptilian Reproduction
Mr Charlie Woodrow Research Assistant in Biophysics and Biomechanics
Mr Chris Denison Associate Demonstrator
Mr Christian Pulver Associate Demonstrator
Prof Claire Hills Professor in Renal Physiology / Programme Leader
Chronic Kidney Disease, Acute Kidney Injury, Healthy Ageing
Ms Claire Ricci-Bonot Associate Demonstrator
Dr Claire Walker Senior Lecturer in Immunology
Dr Clare Miller Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Dr Colin Butter Associate Professor in Bioveterinary Science
Avian and Comparative Immunology
Dr Csanad Bachrati Associate Professor
Molecular Cell Biology
Prof Daniel Mills Professor of Veterinary Behavioural Medicine
veterinary behaviour, clinical animal behaviour
Dr Darron Cullen Research Fellow
Insect behavioural physiology, phenotypic plasticity, molecular biology, locusts, crickets, katydids.
Prof David Wilkinson Associate Lecturer
Ecology, evolution, archaeology and Earth Science
Dr Deyatima Ghosh Visiting Researcher
Dr Edward Taylor Associate Professor
Protein Structural Research Antimicrobial Research Enzymology
Dr Eleftherios Siamantouras Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Diabetes and Nano Engineering
Biophysics of Renal Fibrosis, Cell-to-Cell Adhesion, Single Cell Force Spectroscopy
Dr Elizabeth Randall Associate Demonstrator
Mrs Emily Dowle Administrator
Miss Emily Green Associate Demonstrator
Dr Enrico Ferrari Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Prof Fernando Montealegre-Zapata Professor of Sensory Biology
I am a Professor of Sensory Biology with the School of Life Sciences. My fields of interest are Sensory biology, biomechanics of sound production and hearing in insects
Miss Flo Grattarola Associate Demonstrator
Dr Franklyn Egbe Franklyn Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Miss Gabrielle Rockett Associate Demonstrator
Dr Gillian Fowler Senior Lecturer
Forensic Anthropology and Archaeology
Mr Graham Richardson Associate Demonstrator
Dr Graziella Iossa Senior Lecturer in Zoology
Animal Behaviour, Behavioural Ecology, Evolutionary Ecology
Prof Gregory Sutton Royal Society University Research Fellow
Miss Hannah Thompson Associate Demonstrator
Dr Hannah Wright Associate Lecturer
Dr Helen Zulch Associate Professor in Clinical Animal Behaviour
Dr Holly Root-Gutteridge Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Animal cognition Dog cognition Animal communication and human-speech perception Wolf behaviour and communication
Dr Iain Stott Senior Lecturer in Ecology
Computational ecology, population ecology, life history evolution, urban ecology, ecological resilience.
Dr Issam Hussain Senior Lecturer
Stem cell biology, Cancer and Biomedical tissue engineering.
Mr Jake Hill Associate Demonstrator
Dr Jake Penny Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mass Spectrometric Analyses
Mr James Disley Associate Demonstrator
Dr James Flint Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry
Ms Jane Copley Associate Demonstrator
Dr Jenny Dunn Senior Lecturer in Animal Health and Disease
Host-parasite interactions and parasite transmission in wildlife
Miss Jessica Taylor Associate Demonstrator
Mr Joe Potter Associate Demonstrator
Diabetes, Diabetic Nephropathy, Renal Fibrosis, Cell Communication, Cell-substrate Interactions
Mr Joe Simpson Associate Demonstrator
Prof Jon Whitehead Professor of Biomedical Biochemistry
Obesity associated complications - diabetes, endocrinology, cardiovascular disease
Dr Jonathan Cooper Associate Professor
Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Mr Joseph Brown Post-graduate Research Student
Mr Joseph Edwards Associate Demonstrator
Miss Julia Pounder Technician (Animal Behaviour Clinic)
Miss Julia Scott Associate Demonstrator
Mr Julian Roberts Associate Lecturer
Mrs Karen Staines Senior Technician and Life Sciences Foundation Year Lead
Avian Immunology
Dr Katy Hewis Associate Demonstrator
Miss Kayleigh Sutton Associate Demonstrator
Mr Kristian Boasman Post Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Lan Qie Senior Lecturer in Ecology and Conservation
Ecology, Conservation, Carbon Accounting, Tropical Forests, Land Use, Ecosystem Management, Climate Change, Plant-animal Interactions, Environmental Technology
Miss Laura Boardman-Slack Associate Demonstrator
Mrs Laura Rutledge Associate Demonstrator
Ms Lauren Finka Associate Lecturer
Dr Leanne Timpson Associate Lecturer
Mrs Luciana Santos de Assis Post Doctoral Research Assistant for SCAS Grant
Miss Lucy Barton Associate Lecturer
Mr Luke Randall Associate Demonstrator
Dr Manabu Sakamoto Senior Lecturer in Zoology
Phylogenetics, Evolutionary Palaeobiology and Functional Morphology
Dr Marcello Ruta Associate Professor
Analytical Evolutionary Palaeobiology
Mr Marco Fusi Associate Lecturer
Miss Maria Dimitriou Associate Demonstrator
Dr Mark Odell Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry / Programme Leader
My subject specialism is in protein biochemistry. I use recombinant protein expression and purification to allow my group to study protein properties, functions and enzyme mechanisms. We use a variety of biochemical and biophysical techniques including NMR, X-ray crystallography, centrifugation, circular dichroism, surface plasmon resonance and activity assays based on radioactive, fluorescent and spectrophotometric techniques. I am particularly interested in investigating factors that promote protein crystal growth. Work in my group also uses cells, following survival and protein localisation by immunolocalisation in various models of disease states.
Dr Matthew Bates Associate Professor in Microbiology
Infectious disease diagnostics and clinical trials
Prof Matthew Goddard Professor
Population Biology, Ecology, Evolution
Dr Matthew Magilton Post Doctoral Research Associate in Soil Biology
Dr Matthew Simmonds Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science / Programme Leader
Transplantation, Autoimmunity, Diabetes, Autoimmune Thyroid Disease & Genetics
Miss Meg Fox Associate Demonstrator
Mr Michael Douglas Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Dr Mike Christie Visiting Senior Fellow
Pathophysiology of the pancreatic beta cell
Miss Milly Jones Technician - Animal Behaviour Clinic
Miss Naomi Westgate Academic Projects Assistant
Dr Natalia Fili Lecturer in Biomedical Biochemistry
Cell Biology; Molecular Biology; Protein Biochemistry; Single-molecule Imaging
Mr Nathan Harris Associate Demonstrator
Dr Neil Holden Senior Lecturer
Airway Inflammatory Diseases Asthma & COPD, General Virology with Emphasis on Respiratory Viral Infections Allergy Innate Immunity Inflammatory and Anti-Inflammatory Signalling pathways Pharmacology and Toxicology with an Expertise on Airway Therapeutics Pharmacology
Prof Oliver Burman Professor of Animal Behaviour and Welfare
Animal Behaviour, Cognition & Welfare
Ms Paddy Driscoll Associate Lecturer
Dr Paul Eady Associate Professor
Behavioural Ecology
Prof Paul Squires Professor in Biomedical Science / Programme Leader
Diabetes & Endocrinology (Cellular Physiology)
Mr Pete Botten Associate Lecturer
Mr Ratheesh Kallivalappil Associate Demonstrator
Miss Rebecca Sumner Associate Demonstrator
Mr Rhys Finnegan Associate Demonstrator
Dr Ron Dixon Visiting Senior Fellow
microbiology, molecular biology, pharmaceutical science & biotechnology
Dr Ross Williams Senior Lecturer
Microbiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Forensic Science
Mr Sammy Kay Associate Demonstrator
Dr Samuel Eze Post Doc Research Associate - Soil Physics, Geochemistry, Soil Science
Dr Sandra Varga Senior Lecturer in Life Sciences
Plant-Soil Interactions, Plant-Pollinator Interactions, Mycorrhizal Ecology.
Mrs Sarah Lunt Clerical Assistant
Dr Sheena Cotter Senior Lecturer
Evolutionary ecology
Dr Simon Clegg Senior Lecturer in Animal Health and Disease / Programme Leader
Animal diseases, molecular microbiology, phylogenetics
Miss Sophie Cutts Associate Demonstrator
Dr Stefan Millson Senior Lecturer
Study of molecular chaperones and stress biomarkers.
Ms Stephanie Berezina Senior Administrator / PA
Dr Stephen Rogers Post Doctoral Researcher - Modeller Biomechanics
Prof Steve Bevan Head of School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Genetics, genetic analysis, complex disease genetics
Prof Stuart Humphries Professor of Evolutionary Biophysics / Dean of Research Environment
Comparative biomechanics and biological fluid dynamics
Dr Swagat Ray Senior Lecturer in Cell Biology
Cell Biology; Molecular Biology; Biochemistry
Dr Teresa Romero Benavente Senior Lecturer in Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Welfare
Animal Behaviour
Mrs Terrie Emson Associate Lecturer
Mr Thomas Charles Associate Demonstrator
Dr Thorin Jonsson Associate Lecturer
Dr Timea Palmai-Pallag Associate Lecturer
Molecular Cell Biology
Mr Tom Beet Associate Demonstrator
Dr Tom Pike Senior Lecturer
Behavioural and sensory ecology
Mrs Tracey Taylor Laboratory Assistant