Clinical Animal Behaviour

Our Research

Clinical animal behaviour research focuses on how we can better evaluate the behaviour of animals in order to interact with them, manage them and train them in ways that optimise their wellbeing. We also develop new treatment methods for helping animals with problem behaviour.

The psychobiological approach to problem behaviour developed at Lincoln provides a comprehensive scientific framework for the evaluation of problem behaviour in captive and domestic animals, in order to develop individualised treatment plans. Our MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour introduces students to both the theory and research underpinning this theme. In addition to a range of externally funded projects we also accept a limited number of high quality self funding PhD applications from students interested in developing their research skills in this important area.

Within the scope of clinical animal behaviour, we investigate three main areas:

  • Human-animal interactions
  • Problem behaviour
  • Emotional systems

Prof Daniel Mills

  • Problem Behaviour –pure and applied aspects
  • Director of the Animal Behaviour Clinic and editor and author of several books, such as ‘Dog Bites’ and ‘BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Behavioural Medicine’​

Prof Sandra McCune

  • Animal Ownership and Human-Animal-Interactions​
  • Visiting professor of Human-Animal Interaction at University of Lincoln

Prof Anna Wilkinson

  • Animal perception and cognition; cold blooded care

Dr Helen Zulch

  • Problem behaviour and animal training
  • Deputy Director if the Animal Behaviour Clinic 

Dr Teresa Romero

  • Animal behaviour, cognition and welfare​
  • Social behaviour and cognition

Dr Ambrose Tinarwo

  • Human animal interactions, ethics and rabbit behaviour

Dr Beth Ventura

- Human Animal interactions and social science perspectives

Dr Jonathan Cooper

– Welfare aspects of animal training

Prof Todd Hogue

- Dog aggression

Kun Guo 

- Animal emotion

Prof Kerstin Meint

- Dog bite prevention in children

Dr Niko Kargas

-  Animals and individuals with autism

Annika Bremhorst

  • PhD student studying expression of emotion in dogs