Animal Health and Disease

Our Research

Animals are under constant pressures from disease, the environment, and human activity. When animals are unable to overcome these pressures, their welfare suffers. For owners, this is upsetting and for farmers, this may impact profits and increase environmental impacts.

At Lincoln, we are passionate about improving the health of companion, farmed, and wild animals of all types. We are particularly interested in infectious diseases and our team includes specialists in virology, bacteriology, and parasitology. Malaria, influenza, herpesvirus, and E. coli, are just some of the many diseases that we are currently researching. Our other focuses include livestock lameness, stress, and ruminant nutrition.

We are an internationally active group and are keen to improve the health and animals worldwide, especially through collaborating with universities in developing nations to support their research and the communities that benefit from that.


Key Personnel and Expertise

Dr Colin Butter

  • Avian influenza virus - world leading name​
  • Avian immunology ​
  • Equine parasitology​

Dr Simon Clegg

  • Companion animal diseases and prevention- particularly canine parvovirus
  • Farm animal diseases and prevention – particularly ovine and bovine lameness
  • Genomics and metagenomics of animal pathogens and disease​

Dr Ashley Roberts

  • Herpesvirus infections of animals​
  • Prevention of virus infection using bio-peptides
  • Ethano-veterinary properties of plants to prevent viral activity

Dr Karen Staines

  • Avian influenza​
  • Equine diseases and parasitology
  • Avian immunology​

Dr Jenny Dunn

  • Passerine bird parastitology​
  • Avian malaria​

Dr Andrew Cooke

  • Livestock health 
  • Parasitology
  • Animal nutrition