Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Miss Aarushi Kumar Associate Demonstrator
Miss Amie Owen Associate Demonstrator
Dr Amir Ghalamzan Esfahani Associate Professor in Robotics
Robotic grasping and manipulation, Robot learning from demonstrations
Dr Andreas Xydis Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Intelligent Systems
Mr Andrew Ham Senior Mechatronics Engineer
Dr Andrey Postnikov Postdoctoral Research Associate in Intelligent Systems
Dr Carolina Camacho-Villa Senior Lecturer in Social and Managerial Technology
S&T studies, Technological change, different approaches to agricultural innovations, social inclusion, agrobiodiversity, traditional farming systems
Mr Chris Tolley Associate Lecturer
Mr David May Deputy Director of LIAT
Prof Dionysis Bochtis Professor in Agri-Robotics
Mr Donald Scott Post Doctoral Research Assistant in establishment of a Bio-energy crop
Prof Elizabeth Sklar Professor in Agri-Robotics
Interaction in Robot Teams, including Multi-Robot Team Coordination (also called "Fleet Management") and Human-Robot Collaboration
Dr Franc Ivankovic Postdoctoral Research Associate in Intelligent Systems
Dr Gautham Das Senior Lecturer in Agri-Robotics
Multi-robot systems, Agri-robotics, Machine learning, Computational modelling & Optimisation techniques
Mr Grahame Smith LIAT Senior Administrator
Dr Grzegorz Cielniak Associate Professor in Robotics
Mobile Robotics, Agri-robotics, Machine Vision, AI
Miss Heather Smith Business Development Officer
Dr Iain Gould Associate Professor in Soil Science
Soil Science
Mr Ian Birch Agricultural Technician
Mrs Isobel Wright Associate Lecturer
Agricultural Environmental Science, Regenerative Agriculture, Biodiversity, Sustainable Resource Management.
Mr Jin Gao Visiting Researcher
Miss Jo Hinman Senior Administrator/PA
Mr Jonathan Holmes Associate Lecturer
Dr Junfeng Gao Lecturer in Agri-Robotics
machine learning, computer vision, agri-robotics
Miss Katherine James Research Assistant in Agri-Robotics
Machine Vision and Deep Learning
Mr Krystian Lukasik Technical Resource Manager
Miss Laura Spencer Project Manager for Lincoln- Agri- Robotics Centre
Dr Leonardo Guevara Lecturer in Agri-Robotics
mobile robots, agri-robotics, human-robot interaction
Dr Leonidas Rempelos Lecturer in Sustainable Agriculture
Leonidas' research focuses on strategies to reduce the environmental impact of food production while maintaining & improving productivity & nutritional quality. Working towards achieving the overall goal; the underlying aim is to: "Investigate and exploit complex interactions between crop genetics, food production systems & the environment to improve crop health, yield & yield stability, resource use efficiency, & food quality - safety parameters in both temperate & semi-arid environments" Overall Research Objectives: 1. The use of novel, underutilised and traditional crop species/genotypes to improve the genetic diversity of crop species 2. The exploration of genetic variation to identify traits for improved stress (biotic-abiotic) resistance, resource use efficiency and increased crop quality 3. The identification and improvement of trade-offs between, productivity, resource use efficiency quality and environmental impacts of cropping systems
Dr Lilian Korir Lecturer in Sustainable Agri-food Systems
Managerial Economics, Agricultural Economics, Project management, Operations management, Research methods and design, Quantitative Research Methods, Applied Statistics & Econometrics
Prof Louise Manning Professor of Sustainable Agri Food Systems
Sustainability, resilience, food security, food safety, risk and vulnerability assessment, crime and mendacious behaviour in corporate culture, organisational culture, transparency and trust, integrity (product, process, data and people), values and value.
Dr Marcello Calisti Associate Professor in Agri-Robotics
Miss Marie Daniels Commercial Relationships Manager
Business Engagement, Project Management, Editorial, Public Relations, Publications, Strategic and Marketing Communications,
Miss Maya Nelstrop Technician
Dr Michael Mangan Visiting Researcher
Dr Mohammad Sheikhsofla PDRA - Soft/Bio-Inspired Robotics
Mr Muhammad Arshad Khan Research Assistant in Robot Perception for Robotic Harvesting
Mr Nikolaus Wagner Research Assistant in Agri-Robotics
Dr Ollie Hardy Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Intelligent Systems
Dr Oorbessy Gaju Senior Lecturer in Crop Science
Crop physiology, nitrogen use efficiency, water use efficiency, photosynthesis, respiration, high throughput phenotyping
Prof Pal From Professor in Agri-Robotics
Dr Paula Eves Senior Project Manager
Interdisciplinary Research development
Mr Philip Wright Associate Lecturer
Dr Ramana Sundara Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Agriculture and Food Technology. Management of multi-disciplinary collaborative research projects, with a specific focus on adding value to every stakeholder involved in agri-food supply chain.
Dr Ravi Valluru Senior Lecturer in Crop Science
Crop/plant physiology, abiotic-stresses (heat and drought), primary metabolism, plant hormones (ABA, ethylene), applied crop genetics, transcriptomics and high-throughput phenotyping
Miss Sarah Durrant Administrator
Dr Shaun Coutts Associate Professor (Lincoln Institute for Agri-Food Technology)
Population ecology, Invasion ecology, Weed management, Integrated weed management, population modelling, statistical analysis, spatio-temporal modelling,
Mr Simon Goodger Senior Lecturer in Agriculture (LIAT)
Prof Simon Pearson Director of LIAT/Professor of Agri-Food Technology
Agri Food Technology
Mr Steve Brewer Research Fellow
Miss Swati Megha Senior Research Software Engineer in Agri-Robotics
Mr Tyler Trenam Project and Marketing Officer
Dr Usman Zahidi Post Doctoral Research Associate in Robotic Perception
Mrs Valerie Andrews Research Associate
Miss Yoon Ju Cho Associate Demonstrator
Miss Zhuoling Huang Post Doctoral Research Associate in Human-Robot Interaction