Net Zero Agriculture and Carbon

Our Research

Our research is considering the impact of carbon sequestration and ways in which soil health might be measured using applied technologies and data sciences.

Research Projects

SPECTRA - Whole plant spectral response models - optimised greenhouse light environments, modelling whole plant responses to spectral quality

This project focuses on the responses of whole plants to spectral quality. Exploring at a whole plant level our known understanding of key physiological responses to light, including impacts on crop photosynthesis, phenology and photomorphology.

Project Lead: Professor Simon Pearson

Funder: Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board


Smartgreen Interreg project

SMARTGREEN project aims to use novel Big Data analysis of climate and production data to pinpoint unnecessary energy use in horticultural production and to improve climate control in commercial greenhouses.

Project Lead: Professor Simon Pearson

Funder: Interreg NW Europe