English Reading Club

Reading Club

Are you an avid reader? Do you like talking about the things you read? If so, why not join the Reading Club and meet other enthusiastic readers!

This is a monthly event where members of staff and students for whom English is an additional language, meet to share their passion for reading in a friendly atmosphere. Regular meetings will allow you to make new friends and grow a network of people with similar interests.

Members of the club make suggestions and then vote for the book/article/short story/poem they would like to read. A month later, the members meet again to share their thoughts and reading experience in a session that is about one hour long.

Upcoming Dates and Times:

Tuesday 09 May 2023 in MB1102 from 2pm - 3pm

Tuesday 06 June 2023 in MB1102 from 2pm - 3pm


If you are interested in joining, contact internationalcollege@lincoln.ac.uk to reserve your place.

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