International Fees and Funding

Fees, funding and scholarships

International Fees, Funding, and Scholarships

Studying overseas can be a great investment in your future although before you begin, it is important that you think carefully about the costs involved and how these will be funded.

Throughout your studies, you will be expected to pay for your University of Lincoln tuition fees in addition to living expenses such as accommodation and food. To help you plan your finances, this page contains information regarding the tuition fees you will be expected to pay, our wide range of international scholarships, and information and advice regarding living costs and creating a budget. We encourage you to read this page carefully before starting your application to the University of Lincoln.

Tuition Fees

As a student at the University of Lincoln, you will be required to pay tuition fees for each year of your course. Depending on the type of programme and study level, the cost of tuition can vary. For information on specific course fees, please see individual course pages.

To help you manage the cost of your tuition fees, there are a range of instalment options and payment methods available, however these can vary depending on your student status.

Fees for university preparation courses at the University of Lincoln International Study Centre can be found on the ISC website.


Discover Our Range of Scholarships

Each year, we are delighted to offer a wide range of automatic and merit-based competitive scholarships to students from around the world.

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Tuition Fee Status

In the UK, university students are classified as either Home, European Union (EU), Channel Islands or Overseas students in relation to the cost of tuition fees.

Your student status, and therefore the level of tuition fee you are required to pay, is determined by your nationality and the country where you usually live.

To qualify for Home/EU student status, the main eligibility criteria are to either have:

  • UK/EU citizenship/nationality and have been domiciled in the UK for three years prior to the first day of the first year of your academic course (the main reason for residing in the UK must not have been for the purpose of full-time education)
  • Or been granted refugee status by the Government
  • Or been granted ‘indefinite leave to remain’, ‘discretionary leave to remain’ or ‘humanitarian protection’ by the UK Home Office and been domiciled in the UK and Islands since having been granted that status
  • Or UK/EU citizenship/nationality and have been domiciled in the European Economic Area (EEA) for three years prior to the first day of the first year of your academic course (the main reason for residing in the EEA must not have been for the purpose of full-time education).

This list is not exhaustive. A detailed schedule of the categories into which students can be classed as Home, EU or Overseas status can be found on the UK Council for International Student Affairs website.

Decisions on Your Student Fee Status

An initial decision on your student fee status will be made based on information you provide as part of your application. If you do not meet the criteria, or you do not provide sufficient information to be classed as a Home or EU student, you will be classed as an overseas student for tuition fee purposes. If you believe this to be incorrect, you will be asked to complete a fee assessment questionnaire as part of the admissions process. 

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