How to Apply for Accommodation

Applying for accommodation at Lincoln is simple. You can use our online accommodation application system from 1 March onwards once you have accepted an offer, either as a firm or insurance choice, from the University.

Every effort will be made to ensure that you have the accommodation of your choice.

Wherever you choose to live during your time here, you can contact our Residential Services for support and advice on +44 (0)1522 886231 or 886195 or email

Receiving an accommodation offer

All offers for accommodation are sent by email to the address provided at the point of application. You should monitor this email regularly to avoid missing any updates or instructions. If you wish to change your preferred email address at any time, you can do so by logging into the system.

UCAS students

Rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis with consideration given to first year students, mature students, overseas students and students with disabilities.

Once you submit your application for accommodation, it is held while your university acceptance status is monitored with UCAS. Applicants who make Lincoln their first ('firm') choice with UCAS will be able to monitor the status of their application by logging on to the online system.

Formal offers of accommodation are made upon A-Level results being released, and are emailed to all applicants. This will detail which type and location of accommodation you are being offered. You will also receive via post a letter confirming your accommodation offer and a copy of the Residence Agreement, which should be read carefully.

If you are happy with the terms offered, you can then log on to complete the online acceptance process. Specific rooms are assigned after the acceptance is received, and notice of this is emailed along with information on your arrival at University.

Applicants who make Lincoln their insurance choice with UCAS should still complete the online application, which will be held on record until confirmation is received that you will be attending the University, at which point an offer of accommodation will be made.

Students at franchise colleges/university transfer

Students at franchise colleges or who are transferring universities should contact the Accommodation Service as soon as they receive an offer. Once confirmation of an offer is received from either the University Admissions Office, your college or your course leader, you will receive the information and application forms to apply for accommodation. On receipt of your application card, the process is the same as for UCAS students.