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Business Support and Consultancy Services

Aside from its range of academic programmes, the Holbeach based National Centre for Food Manufacture (NCFM) also offers employers:

  • New Product Development Resources 
  • Sensory Science Courses (including employee quality assessment taste screening and IFST approved sensory evaluation courses) 
  • Consultancy (including food production, process design and food quality/safety skills) 
  • Research Programmes 
  • Product Testing and Analysis Services 

The NCFM has a strong track record of working with the food industry sector in the development and delivery of training courses and the provision of food business support services.  Alongside the Higher Education and Further Education Courses delivered both onsite and in the workplace, the NCFM also has extensive facilities and expertise which are available to the wide ranging food and drink sector from 'Field to Fork'.

Greater Lincolnshire Agri-Food Innovation Platform

The NCFM, LIAT (University of Lincoln) with partners FRPERC (Food Refrigeration and Process Engineering Research Centre at Grimsby Institute) are working as partners on a European Regional Development Fund Project (ERDF) to support agri-food businesses and their supply chains in the Greater Lincolnshire LEP area, for innovation of products, processes and services.

This may take the form of support and applied research for taking a product, for example, from concept to launch, which may be achieved with this project or through the identification of further projects from the support provided in this. 

You can find out more, and how to get in touch about this, via our ERDF Leaflet

NCFM Technical Services include:

  • Sensory Evaluation Training including the IFST approved 1-day sensory evaluation course and employee quality assessment screening 
  • New Product Development support, including assess to an experienced NPD technologist and NPD kitchen resources 
  • Sales Support: Guidance on Consumer Research, Product Benchmarking and Market Analysis 

Research and Technical Consultancy

The staff at NCFM have a wide range of industry-based experience across a variety of food sector specialisms.  The team is also available to support applications and projects in regional, national and international research and development.  Please call if you think that we may be of assistance in any way.

Alongside our technical expertise, we are also able to offer business advice and consultancy. The range of support available is broad and is aimed at any size of organisation.  In some circumstances financial support can be attracted to support the consultancy process.

General Business Advisory Expertise

  • Small business start up and growth support - including guidance legislative standards 
  • Business Training Needs Evaluation and Reporting 
  • Design and implementation of Training and Development policies/strategies 
  • Staff Resourcing and Recruitment Advice

Technical Business Advisory service

  • Coaching or mentoring of technical and quality staff 
  • Quality Assurance policy and practice 
  • Business technical risk assessment 
  • Crisis management and product recall documentation 
  • Development support (including project management support) 
  • Food safety advice 
  • Working with regulatory bodies - Trading Standards, Environmental Health and FSA 
  • Raw material and end product assessment support 
  • HACCP system development and review 
  • Audit preparation support 
  • Product verification and validation 
  • Food packaging design and “fit for purpose” systems review support

Operations and Infrastructure Advice

  • Factory building plans 
  • Machinery/production process design and implementation support 
  • Process automation 
  • Lean manufacturing techniques 

For an initial discussion of the range of services available please contact:

Sharon Green, Deputy Head (Apprenticeships and Business Partnerships)

Tel: 01406 493000

National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach Campus, Park Road, Holbeach, Spalding, PE12 7PT