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School of History and Heritage Magazine (PDF)

School of History and Heritage magazine

Welcome to the School of History and Heritage

The School of History and Heritage is committed to exploring past cultures, questioning who we are and what we value, and debating how our tastes, attitudes and modes of thinking have been formed. Students can thrive in the School’s challenging, academically rigorous community and progress to successful careers with qualifications that are highly respected by employers.

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes aim to provide crucial skills for professional employment and further academic study, including close reading and analysis, critical thinking and writing, independent thought and research.

The School’s academics are leading researchers, authors and editors of books, contributors to international research projects and conferences, broadcasters, conservators, and experts in heritage. All students are encouraged to collaborate with member of staff on groundbreaking research, as well as pursuing their own independent research.

Research strength lies is several areas, including gender, media history, political cultures and thought, and the history of art and architecture. The School supports two research centres: the Centre for Medieval Studies and the Centre for Conservation and Cultural Heritage.