Lincoln School of Humanities and Heritage Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Dr Adam Page Senior Lecturer Modern British History
Dr Adonis Li Lecturer in East Asian History
Dr Alex Bevan Associate Lecturer
Dr Alexandra Morris Associate Lecturer
Dr Alice Crossley Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Dr Alyson Wharton Senior Lecturer
Ms Amanda White Conservation Project Manager
Dr Amy Culley Associate Professor
Prof Amy Livingstone Head of School of Humanities & Heritage
Dr Anais Waag Early Career Fellow
Prof Anna Marie Roos Professor of the History of Science and Medicine
Miss Annabelle Mansell Classical Languages Tutor
Ms Annise Rogers Associate Lecturer
Dr Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo Associate Professor/Programme Leader
Miss Bethany Davison Graduate Teaching Fellow
Ms Bridget Warrington Associate Lecturer
Prof Carenza Lewis Professor for the Public Understanding of Research
Mrs Caroline Oliver Associate Lecturer
Ms Catherine Redpath Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
Dr Cathy Daly Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Ms Celeste Sturgeon Senior Technician in Conservation
Dr Chiara Beccalossi Associate Professor
Dr Chris Pickup Associate Lecturer
Dr Christine Grandy Associate Professor
Dr Christopher Marlow Senior Lecturer / Chair of College Research Degrees Board
Mrs Claire Ridley Lecturer in Conservation
Mr Conor Broughton Associate Lecturer
Dr Daniel Came Senior Lecturer in Philosophy / Programme Leader
Dr Dean Irwin Visiting Fellow
Miss Eleanor Bryan Associate Lecturer
Miss Eleanor Griffiths Associate Lecturer
Dr Emily McLemore Associate Lecturer
Dr Emily Timms Lecturer in Contemporary Global Literatures
Dr Erin Bell Senior Lecturer
Miss Erin Newman Associate Lecturer
Miss Frances Cadd Associate Lecturer
Prof Gary Francione Visiting Professor
Miss Gemma Shearwood Associate Lecturer
Dr Giustina Monti Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies (Greek Culture)/Programme Leader
Dr Graham Barrett Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Dr Hannah Boston Early Career Fellow
Miss Heather Glover Graduate Teaching Fellow
Dr Helen Smith Senior Lecturer
Mr Henning Schulze Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Ms Holly Parker Associate Lecturer
Dr Ian Packer Associate Professor
Dr Imogen Wiltshire Senior Lecturer
Dr J Brian Pitts Associate Lecturer
Dr Jade Shepherd Senior Lecturer in Modern History (1800-present)
Dr James Greenhalgh Associate Professor
Dr Jamie Page Associate Lecturer
Prof Jamie Wood Professor of History and Education
Prof. Janina Ramirez Visiting Professor
Ms Jeanette Croen Graduate Teaching Fellow
Dr Jessica Eastwood Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr Jim Cheshire Associate Professor
Mr Joe Broderick Associate Lecturer
Dr Jon Coburn Senior Lecturer in American History
Dr Jonathan Fitzgibbons Senior Lecturer
Prof Kate Hill Professor of History/Deputy Head of Sch of Humanities and Heritage
Miss Kelly Beestone Associate Lecturer
Dr Kristian Shaw Associate Professor
Dr Kristy Warren Senior Lecturer in Black History
Dr Lacey Wallace Senior Lecturer in Roman History & Material Culture
Dr Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez College Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Dr Laura Gill Lecturer in English
Mrs Laura Smith Associate Lecturer
Mrs Leah Warriner-Wood Senior Lecturer in Conservation/Programme Leader
Ms Lorraine Finch Associate Lecturer
Mrs Lorraine Roberts Associate Lecturer
Prof Louise Wilkinson Professor of Medieval Studies
Prof Lucie Armitt Professor / Research Lead for People, Culture and Environment
Dr Lynda Skipper Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Mrs Lynsey McLaughlin Associate Lecturer
Prof Mark Clark Research Professor in Medieval Intellectual History
Prof Mark Gardiner Professor of Medieval Archaeology
Mr Mark Grove Senior Lecturer in Strategic Studies
Dr Mark Hocknull Associate Professor
Miss Megan Schlanker Graduate Teaching Fellow
Dr Melina Smirniou Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Dr Michael Wuk Classical Languages Tutor
Dr Michele Vescovi Associate Professor
Miss Nicole Gosling Associate Lecturer
Ms Niti Acharya Associate Lecturer
Dr Olley Pearson Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr Olufemi Adetunji Newton International Fellow
Dr Owen Clayton Senior Lecturer
Mr Paul Croft Senior Research Associate
Miss Paula Del Val Vales Associate Lecturer
Mr Philip Grove Senior Lecturer and SME in Strategic Studies
Dr Philip Skipper Post Doctorate Research Associate
Miss Phillipa McDonnell Research Fellow in Conservation and Heritage
Dr Pietro Di Paola Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Dr Ralph Weir Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Dr Rebecca Styler Associate Professor
Dr Renee Ward Senior Lecturer
Mrs Rhiannon Clarricoates Senior Research Fellow in Conservation and Heritage
Dr Robert Portass Senior Lecturer/Programme Leader
Mr Rory Hanna Associate Lecturer
Dr Ruth Hawthorn Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Miss Saheba Saxena Associate Lecturer
Mr Samuel Dickson Associate Lecturer
Dr Sarah Longair Associate Professor
Dr Scott Brewster Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Dr Scott Freer Associate Lecturer
Prof Stephen Church Professor in Medieval Studies
Mr Stephen Pollicott Associate Lecturer
Mrs Sue Phillips Associate Lecturer
Dr Thomas Bishop Senior Lecturer in American History / Programme Leader
Mr Tommaso Villa Associate Lecturer
Mrs Wei-Chan Birkett Senior Technician
Mrs Yana Bespalchikova Graduate Teaching Fellow
Miss Zeynep Ece Bakala Graduate Teaching Fellow