Lincoln School of Humanities and Heritage Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Dr Adam Page Senior Lecturer Modern British History
Cultural History, Urban History, Modern Britain
Dr Alice Crossley Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Nineteenth-Century Literature
Dr Alyson Wharton Senior Lecturer
Ottoman History, Armenian History, Islamic Art and Architecture, History of Architects,19th-Century Architecture and Urbanism, Russian Caucasus;
Ms Amanda White Conservation Project Manager
Her areas of speciality include historic interiors and decorative surfaces in an architectural setting. With her background in fine art, Amanda is particularly interested in the research, recording and re-instatement of lost decorative schemes.
Dr Amy Culley Associate Professor
Eighteenth-century and Romantic literature, Life writing, Women's writing, Ageing studies
Prof Amy Livingstone Head of School of Humanities & Heritage
Medieval women and gender; medieval aristocratic families; France in the eleventh and twelfth centuries; material culture; medieval charters
Dr Anais Waag Early Career Fellow
Gender Studies; Political History; Medieval Queenship; Comparative History; Womens Studies; Medieval Epistolography and Diplomatic
Dr Andrew Rowcroft Associate Lecturer
American literature (20th and 21st-century), theory of the novel, critical theory.
Prof Anna Marie Roos Professor of the History of Science and Medicine
History of Science and Medicine, Early Modern History

Ms Annise Rogers Associate Lecturer
Dr Antonella Liuzzo Scorpo Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Medieval History; Iberian history; history of emotions; legal history; cultural history
Ms Bridget Warrington Associate Lecturer
Prof Carenza Lewis Professor for the Public Understanding of Research
Medieval rural settlement, demography and landscape; community archaeology; public heritage; medieval history; and childhood in the past
Mrs Caroline Oliver Associate Lecturer
Miss Carys Hughes Associate Lecturer
Ms Catherine Redpath Senior Lecturer
Dr Cathy Daly Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Archaeological and world cultures conservation, climate change impacts on cultural heritage.
Ms Celeste Sturgeon Senior Technician in Conservation
Dr Chiara Beccalossi Associate Professor
Modern European history, modern British history, Latin American history, transnational history, the history of sexuality, the history of medicine and human sciences, gender and queer studies.
Dr Chris Pickup Associate Lecturer
Dr Christine Grandy Associate Professor
Media history; 20th century British history; Race relations in 20th century Britain; Film and television history; Social and cultural history; Gender history
Dr Christopher Marlow Senior Lecturer
Shakespeare, early modern literature and culture, cultural materialism, contemporary culture
Mrs Claire Ridley Lecturer in Conservation
Gilding and decorative surfaces World culture objects (organic and inorganic materials)
Mr Conor Broughton Associate Lecturer
Dr Daniel Came Senior Lecturer in Philosophy / Programme Leader
Post-Kantian European Philosophy (especially Nietzsche and Schopenhauer); Philosophy of Religion
Dr Diane Ranyard Associate Lecturer
19th and 20th century Britain; First and Second World Wars; Interwar Period; Social and Cultural History; Legal and Political History; Marriage, Divorce, Families and Friendship; Life-cycles and the everyday; Class; Gender; Sex and Sexuality; History of Emotions (Shame and Love); Media and Screen Culture

Dr Edmund Downey Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Miss Eleanor Bryan Associate Lecturer
Miss Eleanor Griffiths Associate Lecturer
Dr Erin Bell Senior Lecturer
Early modern religious and cultural history; C19th North Sea religion, culture and trade; public history: history on TV; school history curricula
Miss Erin Newman Associate Lecturer
Dr Finn Pollard College Director of Academic Quality and Standards
Anglo-American Relations, Early National America, P G Wodehouse, US Presidential History
Miss Frances Cadd Associate Lecturer
Prof Gary Francione Associate Lecturer
Miss Gemma Shearwood Associate Lecturer
Dr Giustina Monti Senior Lecturer in Classical Studies (Greek Culture)/Programme Leader
Ancient Historiography; Ancient Greek History; Alexander the Great, esp. his interactions with the Near East; Polybius; Fragmentary Historians, esp. the so-called Historians of Alexander.
Dr Graham Barrett Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Latin language and literacy; Roman history; Late Antiquity; medieval history; Iberian Peninsula; texts and transmission.
Dr Hannah Boston Early Career Fellow
Dr Helen Smith Senior Lecturer
Gender, Sexuality, Class and Region in Twentieth Century British History
Mr Henning Schulze Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Objects Conservation (Social History, Anthropological Objects), Historic Interiors
Ms Holly Parker Associate Lecturer
Dr Ian Packer Associate Professor
Modern British political history and the links between literature and history.
Dr Imogen Wiltshire Senior Lecturer
Modern and contemporary art and visual culture; art, health and medicine; therapeutic art-making; displacement, migration and memory
Dr Isabelle Carter Lecturer in Modern British History
Everyday life, class, space, and housing in twentieth-century British history
Dr J Brian Pitts Associate Lecturer
Dr Jade Shepherd Senior Lecturer in Modern History (1800-present)
History of Psychiatry; History of Crime and Punishment; Social and Cultural History of Victorian Britain
Dr James Greenhalgh Associate Professor
Urban and Socio-cultural Histories of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Britain, including: redevelopment, planning and local government; war and rebuilding, housing, children and veteran's experience of conflict, life-story writing and oral histories.
Dr Jamie Page Associate Lecturer
Prof Jamie Wood Professor of History and Education
Early Medieval History, Late Antiquity, Historiography, Violence and Education, Spain, Goths and Romans, Byzantium, Digital History; Teaching History
Dr Jim Cheshire Associate Professor
Victorian Studies / Cultural History
Mr Joe Broderick Associate Lecturer
Dr Jon Coburn Senior Lecturer in American History
20th-Century US History Protest and Dissent Gender, Feminism, and Women's Rights Movements Public Memory Information Science
Dr Jonathan Fitzgibbons Senior Lecturer
Early Modern British History; Early Modern Political Thought; British Civil Wars; History and Memory
Dr Kate Hill Deputy Head of School of Humanities and Heritage
19th century British cultural history
Miss Kelly Beestone Associate Lecturer
Dr Kristian Shaw Associate Professor
Contemporary literature and culture; Post-war British literature; British politics
Dr Kristy Warren Senior Lecturer in Black History
African Diaspora; Bermuda; Britain; British Empire; the Caribbean; cultural and social history; historiography; oral histories; memory
Dr Lacey Wallace Senior Lecturer in Roman History & Material Culture
Archaeology of Roman Britain; Roman archaeology; digital methods in archaeology; material and visual culture; urbanism; rural settlement.
Dr Laura Fernandez-Gonzalez Associate Professor
Early modern art and architecture, Spanish and Portuguese History, Imperial and Global History, Architectural and Urban Conservation,
Dr Laura Gill Lecturer in English
Literature and visual culture of the long nineteenth century (Romanticism and the Victorian period)
Mrs Laura Smith Associate Lecturer
Mrs Leah Warriner-Wood Lecturer in Conservation
Tapestry and other textiles as Material Culture; Conservation of textiles and other organic materials; History of tapestry and other textiles; Object-based research; Cultural Heritage; Public outreach and engagement with conservation.
Ms Lorraine Finch Associate Lecturer
Mrs Lorraine Roberts Associate Lecturer
Prof Louise Wilkinson Professor of Medieval Studies
Medieval women; gender; the cultural, legal, political and social history of the thirteenth century; the medieval aristocracy; medieval records.
Prof Lucie Armitt Professor in Contemporary English Literature
contemporary womens writing; the Gothic; the literary fantastic
Dr Lynda Skipper Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Science, preventive conservation, historic interiors, wallpapers, paint and pigments, biodeterioration, conservation training courses.
Prof Mark Clark Research Professor in Medieval Intellectual History
Medieval History; Scholasticism; the schools and universities of Paris and England during the High Middle Ages; History of the Book
Prof Mark Gardiner Professor of Medieval Archaeology
Late medieval archaeology: upland landscapes, trade in the North Atlantic, medieval buildings
Mr Mark Grove Senior Lecturer in Strategic Studies
Dr Mark Hocknull Associate Professor
Moral Philosophy, Philosophical Anthropology, Philosophy of Evil, Philosophy of Science (Biology), Philosophy of Religion
Dr Melina Smirniou Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Conservation of archaeological material; Preventive conservation; Archaeological Materials Science; Analysis of ancient glass; Digital Humanities
Dr Michael Wuk Senior Classical Languages Tutor
Roman and early medieval history; Late Antiquity and the Byzantine empire; cultural, religious, and social history; documentary sources; concepts and manifestations of authority and obligation; ceremonies and rituals.
Dr Michele Vescovi Senior Lecturer
Medieval Art & Architecture School of Humanities and Heritage Digital Lead
Miss Nicole Gosling Associate Lecturer
Dr Olley Pearson Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Mr Olufemi Adetunji Newton International Fellow
Dr Owen Clayton Senior Lecturer
US American Literature, approx 1850-1940; literature and social justice; literature and homelessness; working-class studies; British Victorian and Edwardian Literature; literature and photography/early film.
Mr Paul Croft Senior Research Associate
Architectural Paint Research & Conservation Project Management
Miss Paula Del Val Vales Associate Lecturer
Mr Philip Grove Senior Lecturer and SME in Strategic Studies
Naval aviation studies; naval history; military aviation, defence policy, procurement and current naval developments.
Dr Philip Skipper Research Assistant
Biodeterioration, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Protein Chemistry, Assay Development.
Miss Phillipa McDonnell Research Fellow in Conservation and Heritage
Architectural Paint Research and material based research of historic decorative finishes. Decorative surfaces and wallpaper conservation and replication. 3D scanning.
Dr Pietro Di Paola Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
History of Anarchism, Modern History, Modern Italian History, Labour History, Social History
Dr Ralph Weir Lecturer in Philosophy
His research focuses on the philosophy of mind and metaphysics. His wider interests include all of the central areas of philosophy.
Dr Rebecca Styler Associate Professor
C19 womens religious writing; God as mother in the C19;Gothic literature, life writing, childhood and feminist spirituality.
Dr Renee Ward Senior Lecturer
Medieval Literature and Culture; Middle English Romance; Medieval Outlaw Narratives; Monster Studies; Medievalism; Womens Writing; Childrens Literature; Young Adult Fantasy
Mrs Rhiannon Clarricoates Senior Research Fellow in Conservation and Heritage
Architectural paint research and the conservation of fine art
Dr Robert Portass Senior Lecturer
Medieval History; History of Spain and Portugal; Economic History; Peasant Studies; Comparative Approaches to Medieval Societies; Markets and Economic Development; Encounters between the Christian Iberian Kingdoms and al-Andalus
Dr Ruth Hawthorn Senior Lecturer
American Literature
Miss Saheba Saxena Associate Lecturer
Dr Sarah Longair Senior Lecturer
History of the British Empire, history of museums and material culture
Dr Scott Brewster Associate Professor
Gothic Literature, the ghost story, Irish Studies, Psychoanalysis, Modern Poetry
Dr Scott Freer Associate Lecturer
My scholarly interests lie in literary modernisms, transmedia and film studies.
Mr Stephen Pollicott Associate Lecturer
Mrs Sue Phillips Associate Lecturer
Dr Thomas Bishop Senior Lecturer in American History / Programme Leader
Twentieth-century U.S. gender, culture and social history. The history of the Cold War, the nuclear age and protest.
Mr Tommaso Villa Associate Lecturer
I am interested in American fiction, sports fiction, post-modernism, formalism, phenomenology, masculinity studies, and neoliberalism studies.
Dr Vanessa Alvarez Portugal Lecturer in Early Modern European Art History
Art History in the Early Modern Period