Webinar Highlights

Webinar Highlights

If have you missed any of our recent live webinars, you can catch-up on the recordings of these on our website below.

Please note the UEZ Fund Programme which features in these webinars has now come to a close. If you are interested in finding out more about the Greater Lincolnshire Agri-Food Innovation Platform (GLAFIP) featured, visit our webpage.


Update on Engineering Provision from NCFM – FdEng and BEng Apprenticeships Watch Now
Overview of Level 4 Hygiene Specialist Apprenticeship Watch Now
Overview of Level 3 Safety, Health and Environment Technician Apprenticeship and Level 3 Pack House Line Leader Apprenticeship Watch Now
Overview of Level 6 Manufacturing Manager, Level 6 Food Industry Technical Professional and Level 5 Operations Manager Standards Watch Now
Overview of Food and Drink Advanced Engineer and Food and Drink Engineer Watch Now

Apprentices working at NCFM



Mitigating COVID-19 in the Food Manufacturing Sector                                                             Watch Now


Virus particle


Business Support

Skills for Business Masterclass                                           

Watch Now

Finance for Non-financial Managers 

Watch Now
Innovating, Re-inventing, and Investing Watch Now 
T Level Programmes: Supporting Young People and Employers Watch Now

Students in a factory


Improving and Innovating Food Strategies

Food Authenticity and Integrity Masterclass                                                                                           

Watch Now

Food Insights in a Changing World

Watch Now   


Mixed fruits


The Future of Food, Robotics, and Automation

Food Manufacturing 4.0 Masterclass                                                                                        

Watch Now  

The Future of Food

Watch Now  

The Future of Food Manufacturing

Watch Now  

Solving Food Manufacturing Problems with AI and Vision

Watch Now   
Innovative Robotics for Food Manufacturing with KUKA and SMC  Watch Now  
Hygienic Design in the Smart Factory Watch Now  





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