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NCFM Facilities and Industry Services

NCFM are proud to work with all stakeholders in the food manufacturing supply chain, including supporting operations across every stage of the product life-cycle, from farm to fork, and sea to plate. The benefit that NCFM delivers is its cross-functional approach to clients and researchers, considering their range of needs and wants. 

To meet the requirements of the sector, NCFM has extensive laboratory and technical research facilities available to support academic and business innovation and development. The wide array of facilities provides the sector access to specialised equipment which can support research and development for food quality analysis, concept testing, sensory screening, and proximate analysis, plus much more.

In addition to technical facilities, NCFM also offers hire of a conference centre including a range of meeting rooms that allow clients to confidently host and deliver highly successful, efficiently organised conferences, seminars and exhibitions.

Alongside the extensive facilities available, NCFM also offers a range of industry services including business support, technical advice, and consultancy services to aid the future development of the food sector. 

Explore this page for more information about the range of facilities available for hire and the opportunity to work with NCFM scientists. 

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