Group Members and Expertise

Group Members and Expertise


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Professor Edward Hanna

Climatology, meteorology, seasonal weather prediction, and ice sheet mass balance
Dr. Kristen Beck Palaeoecologist interested in late Quaternary climate patterns and environmental impact
Dr Matthew Hannaford Historical climatology, climate impacts, climate adaptation, southern hemisphere
Dr. Andrew Kythreotis Climate change policy, politics and governance
Professor Mark Macklin Geomorphology, alluvial geoarchaeology, palaeohydrology 
Dr. Theresa Mercer   Climate policy and education 
Dr. Dilkushi de Alwis Pitts   Climate change & GIS/remote sensing 
Dr. Mark Schuerch   Climate change and sea-level rise; coastal management 
Prof. Chris Thomas   Ecological-geographical approaches to the relationship between climate and water with infectious diseases 
Ms Miyo Yoshiizaki Coastal and catchment management, hydrology
Dr Amogh Mudbhatkal  Climate change impacts on river hydrology, Catchment/Watershed hydrology, Remote sensing/GIS applications in hydrology 
Dr Ian Simpson

Post Doctoral Research Associate in Seasonal Weather Prediction
Mr Soseala Tinilau

Human Geography PhD Student


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