Ecosystem Dynamics

Our Research

The Lincoln Centre for Water and Planetary Health aims to understand ecosystem dynamics using a variety of techniques for spatial and temporal scale reconstructions to determine global patterns, ecological response, long-term change, and ecosystem function.

Lake Aquatic Ecosystems: Climate Driven Dynamics

We are interested in understanding long-term climate driven relationships between terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems through high-resolution multi-proxy palaeoecological data.

Lake Aquatic Ecosystems: Hydrodynamics of Large Lakes

LCWPH has used a three-dimensional thermo hydrodynamic model, Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC), to model the thermal behaviour of Lake Ontario (springwarming, thermal bar formation, and summer stratification). The aim is to understand how climatic changes influence the thermal bar that directly effects the fish habitats and near shore ecosystem.

Global Vegetation Dynamics

We are using satellite derived parameters related to vegetation to detect stresses related to water and contaminants.

Fish Habitats

The extent to which environmental context mediates the bioaccumulation of biotransported contaminants by stream resident organisms is poorly understood. Our results highlight that contaminant transport by a migratory organism can have substantial consequences for recipient ecosystems. We are interested in modelling fish habitats in large lakes.

Fire Disturbance

We are interested in studying the impact of fire disturbance on ecosystem response and dynamics of on terrestrial and aquatic environments.

Floodplain Ecosystems

Riverine flood plains are among the world’s most threatened ecosystems. We are currently looking at vegetation changes over the past 30 years along the contaminated river corridors.

Key Personnel and Expertise

Dr Dilkushi de Alwis Pitts - Surface Dynamics

Dr Kristen Beck - Quaternary Scientist and Biogeographer

Dr Theresa Mercer - environmental biogeochemistry, biogeography, ecosystem services, soil science, waste management, environmental pollution, environmental policy, climate policy

Publications (with LCWPH affiliation)

Team Members Publications 
Kristen Beck 

Beck, Kristen, Fletcher, Michael-Shawn, Gadd, Patricia, Heijnis, Henk, Saunders, Krystyna and ZawadzkiAtun (2019) The long-term impacts of climate and fire on catchment processes and aquatic ecosystem response in Tasmania, Australia. Quaternary Science Reviews, 221 . p. 105892. ISSN 0277-3791 

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Alex Lechner 

Chen, HL, T.K. Nath, S. Chong, V. Foo, C. Gibbins, A.M. Lechner (2021) The plastic waste problem in Malaysia: management, recycling and disposal of local and global plastic waste. SN Applied Sciences. 

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Team Member Project 
Kristen Beck 

palaeoecological perspective on the ecological implications of seawall removal at Gibraltar Point, UK Funded by QRA Quaternary Research Fund (Awarded £1250 in 2020) 

Fire Impacts on Peatland Carbon Sequestration Awarded £2351.68 by SoG SEED CORN fund 2020 

Disentangling Southern Hemisphere climate and environmental interactions of the late Pleistocene Funded by National Environmental Isotope Facility, Natural Environment Research Council in 2020 (NEIF # 2229.0320) 

Alex Lechner Nature-based Solutions for Urban Disaster Mitigation in Middle-Income Countries. The Royal Academy of Engineering £20,000

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