Year 3 Placement: Consultancy

Year 3 Placement: Consultancy

In the third year students have the opportunity to undertake an optional Consultancy Project. Students are able to choose from a number of varied projects put forward by local organisations who support them throughout the project’s phases. The module is a fantastic opportunity to work with industry and develop new skills and understanding in an area of interest. The student produces a report for the business fulfilling an agreed project brief and also create an academic poster summarising the main points of the project.

Our students have produced reports that have significantly assisted a number of organisation with their strategic plans or explored research areas that they did not have the resources to pursue.

Organisations students have worked with include – Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue Service, YMCA, Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service, Safer Lincolnshire Partnership, City of Lincoln Council.

Student Testimonials


Grace, Year 3, Lincolnshire Fire and Rescue

"I think that it is a perfect opportunity to experience something different outside of the classroom environment.  Also, I think that it is ideal for people who may need direction in choosing careers as it provides an insight into the careers available in particular sectors."


Chloe, Year 3, Openplan

'It makes an exciting change from the usual modules and gives you invaluable experience for your CV. If you are already looking to work in a particular sector, a placement is the perfect way to trial if it is right for you."

Lex, Year 3, OpenPlan

"I felt as though I was partaking in important work and didn’t feel as though I was just doing a project for the sake of it which I feel made me engage fully with the placement. The placement met my expectations with the project being fun to work on, very interesting and gave me a sense of what real life geography work can be."


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Amelia, Year 3, Lincolnshire County Council –Waste

" I personally think it was a brilliant experience to work in a new environment in real life situations. If you are a nervous person this may also help build your confidence for when you apply to jobs and interviews."

Gemma, Year 3, Lincolnshire County Council – Safer Lincs Partnership

"Given the opportunity to work with relevant, up-to-date issues which I am passionate about. I really enjoyed working alongside projects which will make an impact on the local community."



Amelia, Year 3, YMCA

"The experience gave opportunity to understand real life expectations of a workplace such as deadlines and meeting criteria. The project allowed me to understand the real-life workings of research projects from start to finish. Maps produced were used for other work by the YMCA for government funding."

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Rosalind, Year 3, Globe Consultants – Planning

"I enjoyed learning about planning law and also learning about new jobs that can be obtained with a Human Geography degree.  Writing the client-facing guide in accessible language allowed me to practise writing in user-friendly language, a key skill in itself that I can use in the work place and something I did not previously (before the placement) always get to practise when writing academic essays."


James, Year 3, Natural England

"The placement was an interesting project containing the kind of work I would be interested in doing in the future. There was a clear objective of what needed to be studied and how to find the necessary information required to complete the research."

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Claudia, Year 3, East Midlands Ambulance Service

"I am so glad I chose to do a placement during my third year. It has given me the experience for my CV and the confidence in my work and abilities. This placement has proven my interest in GIS and I am now looking to apply for GIS Analyst roles, ideally with the NHS."