School of Engineering Staff

Name Position Email Last Name First Name Weighting Title
Revdr Alexander Borman Acting Head of School
Dr Aliyu Aliyu Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Energy/ Programme Leader
Dr Amir Badiee Senior Lecturer
Mr Aria Noori Asiabar Associate Lecturer
Dr Behnaz Sohani Lecturer in Robotics/Biomedical Engineering
Prof Chris Bingham Professor of Energy Conversion
Mr Chris Bishop Senior Lecturer in Sensors and Telecommunications
Ms Christine McDermott Administrator
Dr Christopher Lavers Senior Lecturer and SME in Radar and Telecomms
Dr Christopher Phillipson Senior Lecturer
Mr Christopher Townend Technician Assistant
Mr Dan Stones Technical Resource Manager
Mr Demian Didenko Associate Lecturer
Dr Edmond Nurellari Associate Professor / Programme Leader
Mr Ehsan Ahmadian Associate Lecturer
Dr Eleftherios Siamantouras Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering
Miss Ellie Bainbridge Associate Lecturer
Dr Faiz Iqbal Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
Mrs Fiona Burstow Senior Administrator/ PA
Mr Harry Gordon Technician
Dr Heresh Seyedi Senior Lecturer in Electrical and Sustainable Power Systems
Miss Hoda Elmi Associate Demonstrator
Dr Ibrahim Albayati Senior Lecturer Electrical and Electronic Engineering/Programme Lead
Dr Jarek Grebenik Senior Lecturer in Engineering/ Programme Leader
Dr John-Henry Looney Associate Lecturer
Dr Jonathan Griffiths Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Dr Jonty Fisk Senior Lecturer Engineering Science Ship Technology/Programme Leader
Prof Jun Peng Professor of Sustainable Energy Engineering
Mrs Katie Robinson Administrator
Mr Keyvan Rasti Associate Lecturer
Prof Lei Shu Hon Appointment Visiting Professor
Mrs Lobna El-Fadali Associate Lecturer
Mr Mahmoud Saleh Shahreza Associate Lecturer
Mr Manu Nair Research Associate in Space and Fusion Robotics
Mr Mark Crampton Senior Technician
Prof Mini Rai Global Chair in Robotic Engineering
Mr Mo Mostafa Senior Lecturer in Engineering Science and Ship Technology
Mr Mohammad Reza Zavvar Sabegh Associate Lecturer
Dr Natalie Evans Assistant Engineering Technician
Dr Nick Tucker Associate Professor
Dr Nikola Chalashkanov Senior Lecturer in Electrical/Electronic Engineering /Programme Leader
Mr Philip Staton Senior Technician
Dr Pouriya H Niknam Senior Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Mr Richard Lambert Associate Lecturer
Prof Ronald Bickerton Industrial Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Mr Samson Sogbaike Graduate Teaching Fellow
Dr Samuel Liu Senior Lecturer in Engineering and Manufacturing
Mrs Sarai Dowding Associate Lecturer
Dr Saravana Kumar Jaganathan Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering/ Programme Leader
Dr Sathyamoorthy Dhayalan Post Doctoral Research Associate
Prof Senthil Krishnababu Associate Lecturer
Dr Seongho Jin Senior Lecturer / Programme Leader
Dr Sepehr Maleki Senior Lecturer
Ms Shadi Samizadeh Graduate Teaching Fellow
Miss Shafagh Abband Pashaki Graduate Teaching Fellow
Dr Shweta Kamat PDRA in Energy Systems Modelling and Analysis
Miss Sophie Eccles Administrator
Mr Stuart Mellor Visiting Researcher
Dr Suneela Sardar Lecturer in Chemical Engineering
Mr Tim Smith PDRA - School of Engineering
Prof Timothy Gordon Professor of Vehicle Control Engineering
Prof. Vili Panov Visiting Professor
Dr Xin Liu Lecturer in Design, Manufacturing or Materials Engineering
Ms Yangyan Gao Visiting Research Fellow
Dr Yaxing Ren Lecturer in Control Engineering
Miss Youngsuk Kim Visiting Researcher