Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs)

Sharing Knowledge. Unlocking Potential.

A little innovation can go a very long way. It can help you stay ahead of the competition, start using better materials, launch new products or sharpen your marketing. Innovation can help you develop more efficient ways of working or upskill your workforce. Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) help to facilitate this growth by providing links to the expertise you need to grow your business, gain a competitive edge and the funding to achieve this.

How does a KTP work?

Connecting You to Innovation

KTP is a world-leading programme that helps businesses succeed by connecting them to the UK's rich academic resources. It's a partnership between the business seeking expertise, a university, and a recently qualified graduate – known as an Associate.

Transforming Your Business

Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and large companies from any sector can apply. To succeed, your project needs to be strategic and have the potential to transform your business. Your academic partner will provide the expertise and knowledge required to deliver the project. If your application is successful, an Associate will work to help bring your plans to life. The Associate will work on your site to embed the expertise of the academic team and bring their own skills to deliver a project which could mean anything from introducing new products to changing the company's direction.

Making Your Project Happen

The University of Lincoln's Industrial Partnerships team will guide you through the whole process, from application to project completion. You'll also work with a regional expert known as a KTP Adviser who will provide guidance on completing the application form. 

If your application is accepted, the next step is to recruit your Associate. The Lincoln team will work closely with you in identifying a suitable graduate from any university to undertake the project. We'll employ your Associate, however they'll work primarily at your premises. Your Associate will then start working with you to make your project happen. Through the scheme, the Associate will receive training that will help deliver the project and bring new skills to your business.

Academic Support

At least two academics will have been nominated to supervise the Associate and form part of the team that will deliver the project. The academics will have the expertise and experience to guide and advise your Associate whenever required. Access to University facilities, equipment and software will be available where required for your project. 

Funding Your Project

Your project can last between 12 and 36 months. If you're a small or medium-sized business, funding will cover two-thirds of the project cost. If you're part of a larger company, funding will cover around half of the project cost. KTPs provide a great return on investment, especially as evidence shows that businesses, who invest in R&D grow twice as fast and have higher exports compared to non-innovators. 


 KTP Case Study: OAL

“We began a KTP programme to help to incorporate paperless traceability into our mobile system to offer a solution to agri-businesses packing produce in the field; truly delivering farm to fork traceability. 
It has been a great experience for our KTP Associate, as well as for OAL, and the support we receive from the University of Lincoln is excellent. The whole team has been helpful from the initial application process, through to recruiting the KTP Associate and then progressing the project.
I would definitely recommend taking on a KTP. With the right partner and Associate it is a rewarding experience for all, as we benefit from new perspectives and expertise, while the KTP Associate gains invaluable skills and exposure to real projects in a supportive environment.”

 - Samantha Norman, Director of OAL




Let's Unlock the Power of Innovation

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