Strategic Plan

Environmental Sustainability

Our Vision

To be an institution where sustainability is a core value running throughout our activities and we are recognised for our local and global impact and leadership in the transition to net zero.

Our Themes

We Collaborate

We work with our students, colleagues, civic, and business partners to contribute to all 17 UN sustainable development goals (SDGS) while striving to have a positive impact on our planet.

We Challenge

We encourage innovative ideas to reduce our environmental impact, harnessing the creativity of our colleagues, students, and partners to deliver sustainable solutions for our institution and the world.

We Transform

Our graduates will take discipline-relevant sustainability expertise into their future lives and we will provide transformative support to business, schools, and our city to allow them to meet their sustainability ambitions.

Our Aims

Our campuses and operations will be managed following best sustainable practice and we will embed our net zero vision in every area of Estates’ activity.

The Nicola De La Haye Building

We will achieve this by:

Driving down our direct greenhouse gas emissions by 60 per cent from our baseline of 2009/10, by 2030, and rapidly developing a deliverable plan to achieve net zero by 2040.

A cafe on campus

We will achieve this by:

Managing resources effectively, reducing waste, and increasing recycling rates.

Wildflowers in front of the Isaac Newton Building at Lincoln

We will achieve this by:

Increasing biodiversity on all our campuses, using them as showcases for supporting wildlife, and taking steps to adapt to future climate risks that could impact our estate and operations.

Our research and enterprise will contribute to sustainability, locally and globally.

A wind farm

We will achieve this by:

Clearly signposting the SDGs in our research outputs, delivering research in all SDG areas and tracking our impact.

Student conducting experiments in a laboratory

We will achieve this by:

Ensuring our research is conducted following best sustainable practice.

A crowd of people

We will achieve this by:

Developing a clear offer to support local, national, and international organisations and businesses to meet their net zero and biodiversity goals and to adapt to climate risks.

Our students will learn about discipline-relevant sustainability challenges and have the opportunity to enhance the sustainability of our campuses.

A hedgehog environmental sign

We will achieve this by:

Embedding sustainability in all curricula, ensuring our graduates are meeting relevant employer needs. Students will also have opportunities to contribute to sustainability projects run by the University and the Students’ Union.

A group of students sitting eating and chatting in a University cafe

We will achieve this by:

Ensuring students are informed about the environmental impact of their own actions and have the opportunity to support the University’s transition to net zero.

Students sitting outdoors in a communal area on campus.

We will achieve this by:

Working with student accommodation providers to ensure they all have recycling facilities and share our sustainability values.

We have a community approach to sustainability involving staff, students, and the public.

Accommodation buildings on University of Lincoln campus

We will achieve this by:

Welcoming ideas and suggestions for improvement from all sources, however challenging, and facilitate and respond to feedback.

The University of Lincoln logo on the windows of a campus building

We will achieve this by:

Having vibrant sustainability advocates networks at each campus, and sharing clear messaging around sustainable behaviours.

A teacher speaking to a group of pupils in a school classroom

We will achieve this by:

We work closely with schools and civic leaders on sustainability projects.

A group of students sitting on the grass and chatting

We will achieve this by:

Recognising the importance of personal responsibility of all of us in achieving our sustainability goals.

The outside of the University of Lincoln Minerva building at the side of the water

We will achieve this by:

Recognising that sustainability presents complex problems with interdisciplinary solutions, and all areas of the University can contribute in different ways.

A lecturer talking with a student in a seminar room

We will achieve this by:

Encouraging every department in the University to set their own appropriate sustainability KPIs and objectives.

We provide visible leadership in sustainability.

The urban bee garden on the University of Lincoln campus

We will achieve this by:

Using the Times Higher Education Impact rankings to measure our impact and improve it, year on year.

External view of the Ross Lucas Medical Sciences Building on campus

We will achieve this by:

Submitting case studies of our achievements for external recognition, such as the Green Gown Awards.

Streets with traffic with Lincoln Cathedral in the background

We will achieve this by:

Continuing to lead the local transition to net zero carbon, by driving activity within the Lincoln Climate Commission, and use our influence to promote and support sustainability across Lincolnshire.

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You can download a PDF version of our Environmental Sustainability plan.

Environmental Sustainability (PDF)