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Performance Research Group

The Performance group aims to explore fundamental and applied sport science research to enhance sport performance... 

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Wellbeing Research Group

Explores issues influencing health, exercise, sport and physical activity...

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Human Performance Centre Labs

The Human Performance Centre is used by the School of Sport and Exercise Science and these specialist laboratories feature modern equipment in order to undertake physiological and biomechanical assessments.

The labs are equipped for both the teaching of students, academic research, and also outside consultancy with businesses and elite athletes. The equipment used ranges from treadmills and ergometers, through to gas and lactate measuring equipment, motion detection, impact analysis, and an endless pool.

The labs are located in the same building as the university sports centre, where the School of Sport and Exercise Science is also based, and are available as learning environments for students on the Health and Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sport, Sport and Exercise Science, Sport Development and Coaching, Strength and Conditioning in Sport, Sport Science, and Sport Therapy courses.