Information for Parents: Money Matters

Tuition Fees

The principal cost of going to university is the fee for tuition, which covers your son or daughter’s teaching, academic facilities and may cover some costs associated with their course.

Most UK students cover the cost of full-time fees by applying for a Tuition Fee Loan. Students apply online to Student Finance England at

If they meet the eligibility requirements the loan is paid directly to the university to cover their tuition fees.

Repayments for the student loan will not begin until they finish their studies and are earning at least £27,295 a year, £2,274 a month, or £524 a week. The amount they repay will depend on how much they earn, regardless of what they borrow. The current rate is nine per cent of income above the relevant threshold.

Circumstances are different for part-time and international students.

Maintenance Loans

A Maintenance Loan can help towards your child's living costs, such as food, rent, and books. The amount that can be borrowed depends on the course they choose, where they will be living, and on your household income.

After they have applied you will be sent an email asking you to confirm your income, which can be done online. If you expect there to be changes to your income of 15 per cent or more you can also send Student Finance England a current year income assessment form.

Student Finance England may ask for further details or evidence of your income or circumstances. More information can be found at

Bursaries and Scholarships

The University of Lincoln offers a variety of merit-based and subject-specific bursaries and scholarships. Please see our scholarships and bursaries page for up-to-date information.

Part-time Work

Studying for an undergraduate degree is a big commitment on child's time but many students find they are able to balance their study with part-time work. The Job Shop, jointly run by the University’s Careers and Employability Service and the Students’ Union, offers dedicated support for students who are looking for part-time employment while they study.

More information about undergraduate fees and funding can be found on our dedicated fees and funding pages.