Group Members

Name Position/Research interests Contact details 
Dr Nadia Andreani

Research Fellow
Microbial communities, molecular biology

Dr Emine Celiker

Research Fellow
Numeric modelling

Dr Sheena Cotter Senior Lecturer
Eco-immunology, nutritional ecology, host-parasite interactions, insect ecology
Prof Charles Deeming Associate Professor
Avian and reptilian reproduction
01522 835452
Dr Jenny Dunn Lecturer in Animal Health and Disease
Host-parasite interactions and parasite transmission in wildlife
01522 835845
Prof Paul Eady Associate Professor
Behavioural ecology
01522 835461
Dr Michael Gillman Senior Lecturer
Ecology, evolution, statistics, mathematical models
Prof Matthew Goddard Professor
Population and community ecology
Prof Adrian Goodman Associate Professor
Plant biomechanics
01522 886802
Dr Oscar Guadayol i Roig Research Fellow
Prof Stephen Hall Emeritus Professor
Prof Stuart Humphries Professor of Evolutionary Biophysics
Comparative biomechanics and biological fluid dynamics
01522 886018
Dr Graziella Iossa Lecturer
Behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology
01522 837039
Prof Libby John Professor and Dean of Sustainability
Plant ecology, plant-animal interactions, root-soil interactions, biodiversity
Dr Thorin Jonsson Postdoctoral researcher
Bioacoustics and biomechanics of acoustic communication in insects
Prof Fernando Montealegre-Z Professor of Sensory Biology
Sensory biology, biomechanics of sound production and hearing in insects
01522 835460
Dr Manabu Sakamoto Senior Lecturer
Dr Tom Pike Senior Lecturer
Sensory and behavioural ecology
01522 835255
Dr Lan Qie

Senior Lecturer
Ecology, Conservation, Carbon Accounting, Tropical Forests, Land Use, Ecosystem Management, Climate Change, Plant-animal Interactions, Environmental Technology

Dr Marcello Ruta Senior Lecturer
Analytical evolutionary palaeobiology
01522 835470
Dr Carl Soulsbury Senior Lecturer
Behavioural ecology and evolutionary biology
01522 835026
Dr Iain Stott Lecturer
Computational ecology
Prof Gregory Sutton Royal Society University Research Fellow
Dr Sandra Varga Senior Lecturer
Plant and mycorrhizal ecology
01522 837403
Prof Dave Wilkinson Visiting Professor
Ecology, evolution, archaeology and Earth Science

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