Animal Welfare

Our Research

Animal welfare is a growing scientific discipline reflecting considerable public concern. Our research in animal welfare is led by a multi-disciplinary team of international experts, who work with a variety of animals including laboratory, farm, companion, and zoo animals.

Our work addresses fundamental research questions relating to the development of novel observational, experimental, and computational methods to measure and understand animal welfare and associated emotional or affective states. Our work also applies these methods to determine how to improve the lives of animals.

Within the scope of animal welfare assessment, we investigate two main areas:

  • Development of novel measures of animal welfare
  • Assessment of animal welfare


Prof Oliver Burman

  • Animal behaviour and welfare​
  • Specialist in the development of novel methods to assess the affective state of animals

Prof Daniel Mills

  • Veterinary behavioural medicine, and companion animal welfare veterinary behaviourist
  • Director of the Animal Behaviour Clinic and editor and author of several books on companion animal behaviour</li>

Prof Anna Wilkinson

  • Animal behaviour and cognition
  • Specialist in animal cognition, with a keen interest in reptile cognition and welfare

Dr Jonathan Cooper

  • Animal behaviour and welfare​
  • Specialist in animal behaviour and welfare of farm, companion, laboratory, and zoo animals​

Dr Ambrose Tinarwo

  • Animal behaviour and welfare
  • Specialist in the welfare of a variety of animals, with a keen interest in rabbits

Dr Tom Pike

  • Behavioural and sensory ecology​
  • Specialist in visual and olfactory signalling, animal social networks, and their applications to welfare​

Dr Carl Soulsbury

  • Animal Ecology

Dr Beth Ventura

  • Animal welfare science, applied ethology, social science, qualitative research

Dr Stefan Millson

  • Study of molecular chaperones and stress biomarkers