Tuition Fees, Living Costs, and Creating a Budget

Studying in the UK is a great investment in your future. Before you begin however, it is important to think about how you will fund your studies. To help you prepare, this page contains information and advice regarding the type of costs you will need to consider, and how to create a budget.

Tuition Fees

As a student at the University of Lincoln, you will be required to pay tuition fees for each year of your course. Depending on the type of programme and study level, the cost of tuition can vary.

For the 2019/20 academic year, tuition fees for full-time international students are as follows:

Undergraduate Courses: £14,100 – £15,900

Postgraduate (Master’s): £14,300 – £16,000

Research Courses (e.g. PhD): £13,700 – £15,800

MBA: £16,000

Please note that tuition fees for students from the European Union differ from the above. For the most up-to-date information, including specific programme fees and additional study costs, please visit the individual course pages.

To help you manage the cost of your tuition fees, there are a range of instalment options and payment methods available, however these can vary depending on your student status.

Living Costs

In addition to tuition fees, it is important to consider the cost of living during your studies. This typically includes expenses such as accommodation, food, travel, and social activities.

For students who require a visa to study in the UK, you will be required to demonstrate to UK Visas and Immigration that you have sufficient funds available to cover your living expenses. For courses that last 9 months or more, this amount is set at £1,015 per month, up to a maximum of 9 months, if you are studying outside of London.

Please note that the above amount is subject to change each year, and so it is important that you check for the latest information and guidance on the UK Government website.

Across the UK, living costs vary by region, although smaller cities such as Lincoln are typically cheaper to live in than larger towns and other cities. 

Working Part Time

Across the UK, a number of students have part-time jobs alongside their studies. As an international student, there may be certain conditions or restrictions that you must follow depending on the type of visa you hold.

For students who are able to work part-time, a range of support and advice is available from our Job Shop. Located on campus, the Job Shop provides a range of information and advice regarding part time job vacancies and work experience opportunities.