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Meeting the Needs of Employers

The School of Health and Social Care works with employers to provide employees with the opportunity to study for a degree while gaining hands-on experience and a professional pathway for future development. Funded by the governement and your employer, the University of Lincoln School of Health and Social Care offers two apprenticeships which combine work-based learning and education, which gives employers the opportunity to select, train and develop their workforce according to an employer-defined standard.

Clinical Suites

The clinical suites in the Sarah Swift building are used by the School of Health and Social Care to simulate real hospital and home environments, and feature the latest in patient simulation technology.

Students have access to simulated male, female, and infant patients that feature realistic anatomy and clinical functionality, as well as CPR mannequins to help develop clinical and decision-making skills during scenarios and clinical practice. The replicated ward environment is of an NHS standard and features realistic patient bays, as well as clinical equipment and consumables to provide a realistic workspace. 

The suites are located in the new Sarah Swift building and are available as learning environments for students on the Nursing, Social Work, Physiotherapy, Midwifery, Paramedic Science, and Occupational Therapy courses.

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There has never been a better time for employers to take advantage of apprenticeships to increase productivity and performance by attracting and developing the very best talent and enabling them to nurture the talent within their business at every level.

Whether you want to help your employees get a foot on the career development ladder or you are aiming to fill a high level skills gap by attracting high-caliber new recruits or training existing employees, we can help. 


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