Forensic and Clinical Research Group

A Passion For Research

Our research group is focused in applied settings and on clinical or forensic populations, concerned with psychological functioning related to clinical and forensic problems. 

Based in the School of Psychology, the Forensic and Clinical Psychology Research Group (FCRG) is concerned with aspects of psychological functioning related to clinical and forensic problems. Every individual experiences a complex array of events, environments, and circumstances within their lifetime that influence their psychological development and behaviour. Our research focus is on the development and application of psychological theories and technologies that seek to explain, measure, and influence these processes.

Why Our Research Is Different

The vast majority of the problems we face are rooted in psychological and behavioural components. Population issues such as increasing obesity rates, loneliness in older age, through to clinical and forensic issues such as depression, pain, disordered gambling, and forensic behaviours are all underpinned by complex psychological processes.

A more comprehensive understanding of these processes is therefore of paramount importance if we want to help people live richer and healthier lives. As applied psychologists, we are particularly interested in understanding and influencing psychological events and behaviour. We partner with and support many social institutions such as care and treatment services, prisons, charities, and social policy bodies in an attempt to actively address pressing issues within society. The emphasis of our group is to directly apply knowledge and understanding from our own research and existing literature, in order to facilitate practical intervention.


Academic Staff

Professor Todd Hogue 

Professor in Forensic Psychology

Dr Amanda Roberts 

Reader in Forensic and Clinical Psychology

Dr Adrian Parke 

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Dr Lynsey Gozna 

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Dr Hannah Merdian

Senior Lecturer in Forensic and Clinical Psychology

Dr Aidan Hart 

Senior Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Dr Mark Gresswell 

Programme Director – DClinPsy

Dr Dave Dawson

Research Tutor in Clinical, Forensic & Behavioural Psychology 

Dr Nima Golijani–Moghaddam 

Research Tutor in Clinical Psychology

Dr Ross Bartels

Lecturer in Forensic Psychology 

Dr Kyla Pennington

Lecturer in Biological and Clinical Psychology

Research Staff


Andrew Harris

Research Assistant

Rachel Orritt

Research Assistant

Research PGs 


Iain Reid

Hourly Paid Lecturer (PhD Student)

Rachel Orritt

Research Assistant (PhD Student)
Danielle Kettleborough

Postgrad Studentship Teaching Assistant (PhD Student)

Craig Harper PhD Student

Charlotte Wesson

PhD Student

Julie Patterson 

PhD Student

Rachel Wakefield

PhD Student 

Ravi Dave

Teaching Assistant (PhD Student)