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The School of Life Sciences is a rapidly expanding, international collection of researchers working at the forefront of disciplines across the breadth of the life sciences. The School has recently moved into the new Joseph Banks Laboratories, as part of a multimillion pound investment in research facilities and infrastructure to sustain and support our continued growth, including the creation of the Research and Enterprise hub of the University’s new Science and Innovation Park.

Research lies at the heart of the School, underpinning our vibrant postgraduate research community as well as our outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses.

The tuition fees of research students bring them the support of a team of leading academics focused not just on their research project, but also their personal development and transferrable skills within a university and supportive postgraduate environment. Project costs, which relate to access to our state of the art facilities and specific technical support, will vary according to the specific research being undertaken.

Funded studentships are typically advertised on the main university site, and the site, but if you are thinking of self-funding your research please speak to an academic with interest in your area and to discuss the likely costs of a project before submitting an application. They will happily talk you through the process. You can keep up to date with our research in our School of Life Sciences Blog.

Research in the School is organised around five main themes, although collaboration and cross-disciplinary research between these groups occurs at all levels:

Animal Behaviour, Cognition and Welfare

Research group exploring the causes, functions and evolution of animal behaviour, and the impact this has on welfare.

Cancer and Ageing

Research group increasing understanding of disease characteristically associated with ageing at the molecular level, to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

Diabetes, Metabolism & Inflammation (DMI)

Generating innovative research in the area of diabetes and related cardio metabolic and associated inflammatory disorders.

Evolution and Ecology

Research group exploring the evolution and ecology of populations, species and communities across all levels of biological organisation, from genes through to ecosystems.

Microbiology and Biotechnology

Answering fundamental questions relating to the characterisation, evaluation and testing of microorganisms and viruses.

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