Practice Education 2

15 credits at level 7 (Postgraduate/Masters)

Practice Education 2 is designed to build on Practice Education 1 and meets the requirements for becoming a ‘Stage Two Practice Educator’ under the Practice Educator Professional Standards (Social Work Reform Board, 2010).

Students are expected to reflect on and evaluate values, skills and knowledge gained through supervising, teaching and assessing learning and explore how these have become embedded within their practice. In doing this they are also expected to provide evidence of a range of methods used to evaluate their practice, including feedback from direct observations, students on practice placements, colleagues and HEI tutors. Students have the chance to assess the opportunities and challenges of transferring practice educator skills to new roles (for example mentoring and supervision). Students will also have the opportunity to explore contemporary issues in practice education through critically appraising the research literature and reflecting on professional practice.

For this module there is a minimum post qualification experience requirement of three years.

Learning and Teaching

There will be a variety of teaching/ learning opportunities, including lectures, workshops, action learning sets, tutorials, and individual, self-directed learning. Guided reading and e-learning materials will be made available. The learning and teaching strategy aims to facilitate students’ learning through critically appraising the research and other literature, working collaboratively in groups. It will also encourage students to reflect on their own practice and professional development. Individual tutorials are designed to ensure that students are planning their studies, practice and assessment events, enabling them to meet all the learning outcomes.


Students are required to produce a portfolio that evidences their developing skills and knowledge as practice educators. A direct observation of practice is required. This will form 100% of the module grade.

To pass students must achieve a minimum of 50%.

Course Dates

Next cohort: 09 November 2016 (Lincoln)

The course is comprised of 3 full days of teaching, usually spread over a period of 3 months.

Cohort dates for this course and other scheduled modules may be found in the PDF document attached. Dates for the next academic year are generally agreed upon in around March of the previous year and can be accessed from that time via the website or by contacting the Professional Development Centre, at

This module is worth 15 credits therefore suggestive of 150 hours of study in total, made of the aforementioned class attendance, combined with completion of assessments, reading and other study.

Closing date for applications

The closing date for applications is 1 month before the start date.

How to Apply 

Entry Requirements